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Time: Thursday, 8-25-11, 2:21
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 TODAY  Version 3.7   06/24/94       Copyright 1986, 1994  By Patrick
 Today is Saturday  August 25, 2012.
 This is the 238th day of the year, there are 128 days left.
 On this day...
    In 1814 A tornado struck Washington, DC. While causing damage to
            much of the city, the damage blocked exit routes from
            invading British Troops that came into the city the day
            before. The torrential rains from the severe thunderstorms
            put out the raging fires that had been set by British
            troops the day before.
    In 1885 A severe hurricane struck South Carolina causing
            1.3 million dollars damage at Charleston.
    In 1940 New Jersey experienced its coldest August morning of
            record, with lows of 32 degrees at Layton and
    In 1987 Morning thunderstorms produced heavy rain in eastern
            Nebraska and southwestern Iowa.  Stanton IA reported
            10.50 inches of rain.  Water was reported up to the
            handle of automobiles west of Greenwood NE.  Rainfall
            totals for a two day period ranged from 7 to 14 inches
            across southwestern Iowa.  Crop damage was in the
            millions for both states.  Subsequent flooding of streams
            in Iowa the last week of August caused millions of
            dollars damage to crops, as some streams crested ten feet
            above flood stage.
    In 1988 Seven cities in California reported record high
            temperatures for the date, including Sacramento with
            an afternoon reading of 104 degrees.  Thunderstorms
            produced locally heavy rains in Arizona.  Chino Valley
            was drenched with 2.50 inches of rain in just thirty
            minutes washing out a couple of streets in town.
    In 1989 Morning thunderstorms drenched Spencer IN with 4.10
            inches of rain in three hours causing extensive street
            flooding.  Evening thunderstorms in eastern Kansas
            produced up to six inches of rain around Emporia, and
            four inches of rain in just forty-five minutes near
            Parsons, and also produced wind gusts to 70 mph at
            Lake Melvern.
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