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Time: Tuesday, 11-19-19, 9:45
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/// ********************************************************************
/// ********************************************************************
/// **  GGGGG                  NN                                     **
/// **  G   G  mm   mm ssss  NNNN N eeeee ttttttt                     **
/// **  G      m m m m s     N  N N e        t                        **
/// **  G  GG  m  m  m  sss  N  N N eee      t                        **
/// **  G   G  m     m    s  N  N N e        t                        **
/// **  GGGGG  m     m ssss NN  NNN eeeee    t                        **
/// **   GmsNet  The Gamers Network                                   **
/// ********************************************************************
/// ****                                 ****
/// ********************************************************************

The idea of this network is that it will start as a FTN network for games
for all Operativ Systems, and will come to distribute game files by file
for several types and names of games + utilities and AddOns for the games.
Then will there too be support echos for the games in the network.
Then have GsmNet open for QWK nodes from one Regions RC and Host to do the
GmsNet have then decided to do Door Gamming Leagues for nodes to do the
playing with 4 leages, as normal League 145 + L146 and L451 + a test of 452.
Use each own league subscribe file for each league but start with the main

The first made of messages echos is now:
gms.admin GmsNet Admin echo GmsNet Information echo
gms.sysop GmsNet Sysop Echo
gms.files GmsNet new GmsNet files
gms.bbsad GmsNet BBS Adds posted here
gms.netad GmsNet Network Adds announcing
gms.test GmsNet Test echo GmsNet Game support echo
gms.doom GmsNet Doom Support and discussion
gms.quake GmsNet Quake Support and discussion
gms.heret GmsNet Heretic Support and discussion
gms.duken GmsNet Duke Nukem Support and discussion GmsNet ID software discussions

File Echo is now:
gms.node GmsNet Nodelist/Nodediff GmsNet Information pack
gms.dist GmsNet File Distribution GmsNet Misc. Games
gms.up2hq GmsNet upstream sending files to GmsNet HQ
gms.demos Demos and trial Games
gms.wgame Windows Games
gms.lgame Linux Games
gms.ogame OS/2 Games
gms.demob Big Demo games over 10MB
gms.wgameb Big Windows games over 10MB
gms.lgameb Big Linux games over 10MB
gms.ogameb Big OS/2 games over 10MB
gms.mgame Mac OX games
gms.doomwin Doom 1 games for windows
gms.doomlnx Doom 1 games for Linux
gms.doomos2 Doom 1 game for OS/2
gms.doomadd Doom 1 addons
gms.doombig Big DooM 1 Games over 10MB
gms.doom2 Doom 2 ][ for all OS's
gms.doom2add Doom 2 ][ AddOns
gms.quakewin Quake for Windows
gms.quakelnx Quake for Linux
gms.quakeos2 Quake for OS/2
gms.quakeadd Quake Addons
gms.quakebig Big Quake games over 10MB
gms.heretwin Heretic Games for Windows
gms.heretlnx Heretic Games for Linux
gms.heretos2 Heretic Games for OS/2
gms.heretadd Heretic Game AddOns
gms.heretbig Big Heretic Games over 10MB
gms.hexenwin Hexen Games for Windows
gms.hexenlnx Hexen Games for Linux
gms.hexenos2 Hexen Games for OS/2
gms.hxrenadd Hexen Game AddOns
gms.hexenbig Big Hexen Games over 10MB
gms.dukenwin Duke Nukem for Windows
gms.dukenlnx Duke Nukem for Linux
gms.dukenos2 Duke Nukem for OS/2
gms.dukenadd Duke Nukem Addons
gms.dukenbig Big Duke Nukem Games over 10MB
gms.duke3d Duke Nukem 3D
gms.war  War Games programs of all kinds
Se the gmsnet.fa file for on the full echo update list.

More file echos and messages echos will coem by the way as the network is
of nodes.
Nodes with bbs and file processor there have trouble with the file echos of
echos etc. can try to use the names after the .dot and make to put
as main file directory \gms\filedir\ .
Se our echo files for update of the messages and files echos.

Like to join This little new fine Network ?
Then ask Gert Andersen on be the first node in the network and be one of
the first
there is in for make the network go in to be a first start.

Like to Join GmsNet by this:
Fill out the gmsnet.sub application form and email it to Gert Andersen at
or to or netmail it to Gert Andersen 2:230/150.

We have now added Doors League 145 playing to our little network, but
GmsNet is only
do it with BRE and FE, and maybe Tal too.
But first will it be BRE (Barrens Realm Elite) there will be added. The 2
other games
will FE (Falcon's Eye) be setup from New Year 2012 of.
Use gmsl145.sub file to join the games with, but to do this must you have
been a node
first by the node application.
We have 2 extra leagues together with League 145 as 146 and GL45, GL450 and
GL451. :-)
The ordering of the Leagues is to join with first 145 then 146 + GL45 etc.

Then GmsNet now from February 2012 got its own 1 and 2 domain name, there is
that is gone to and and mostly is now to use
domain as the main domain, and as number 2 domain.
GmsNet will have 1 full and more less web site as http:///
there is been
worked on to be for use, and now can the first site for gmsnet be seen at the updated sites for more as it been done
can seen at
when it is working be seen at
A short GmsNet info web is too found at and at when this finished.


--- Done by Gentoo Linux kernel-4.9.93
 * Origin: The GmsNet at (510:5124/0)

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