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Time: Friday, 7-22-11, 6:24
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For reasons unknown to us Gert Andersen said thus to Gaylen Hintz:
 GH> So this echo is gated? What all nets does this echo flow
 GH> through?
 GH> Well, it used to gated to ZeNet and maybe BlueNet years ago...
 GH> I don't think it's gated at all anymore unless
 GA> If my fidogate system is working as it shall shoudl it still
 GA> be along with some other echos.
 Ummm, I think he was reffering to the fact that on your website there is a
notation that certain echos are gated.  Many years ago, those echos were in
fact gated into other message networks like ZeNet and BlueNet. Since
neither of them are active any longer... you could say they are no longer
gated to other nets. :)
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