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Time: Wednesday, 12-14-11, 3:59
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I'm in a very surly mood today; it's a good time for a rant....a Fat Rastus
Life before The Gulf Wars or Pre 1990:
-I could go swimming in most of the local gravel pits..no one cared...many
people would come out and party at the pits!
-We could cruise 'The Drag' and everyone left us alone... The business's
enjoyed didn't complain since we bought sodas and eats from them.
-If the cops caught us sucking down a few cold beers they'd usually just
follow us home and sometimes they'd tell our parents.
-I could go hunting on most farmers land.  When we'd ask the answer almost
always "Yes, be careful."
-We could always get a job without having to go through a temporary agency.
-People trusted each other, more or less.
-There wasn't a terrorist hiding behind every tree.
-We respected the cops and they respected us.  To Protect and Defend was
still their motto.
After The Gulf War or Post 1990:
-No more swimming in gravel pits, the law would not allow it!  Entrance
roads to the pits were blocked.
-Cruising The Drag often times resulted in police harassment.  Businesses
call the cops on kids hanging out in their parking lots.
-If the cops even smell a brew on your breath your going to jail, your car
is towed and you'll be paying heavy fines and insurance for years!
-No more hunting... Many farmers now lease the hunting rights to the
privileged few who can afford it... The rest of us have to hunt in public
parks that are crowded and you're almost sure to get hassled by the
authorities more often than not.
-Jobs are hard to get and often times you have to get them through a
temporary agency.  Unions are a thing of the past and those that remain
charge a hefty fee and work with 'The Company' more than they do the
-Trust has to be earned.  People are afraid everyone is out to get them now.
-Homeland Security has many people believing that their a huge terrorist
threat and that we must give up all or liberties so that they can protect
-Many cops are just itching to step in your face or spray pepper spray in
your eyes for the smallest of infractions..  I suppose it makes them feel
powerful and manly.
End of rant... I feel better now!  Have a nice day!!
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