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Time: Sunday, 2-19-12, 12:25
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My views on the first amendment for history class assingment.
It pokes fun at Britan, Russia, Venezuela and the United States itself.
The First Amendment of our constitution is one of the most essential
that American people have. It makes sure that our nation is prohibited from
establishing a state religion or prohibiting the expression of the religion
ones choosing. Government is prohibited from abridging the freedom of
speech or
the press or for the people to peacefully assemble while the government is
prohibited from preventing its people from redressing their grievances to
        Our First Amendments main feature is religious expression. People
their original homelands due to religious persecution. In Europe people
ordered to believe in the ways the state ordered them to. America was
so people can express their faith or not profess a faith if they so decide.
Compared to Britain we have no state church and that makes America great
because we do not give an official preference to religion despite other
politicians wanting to shove their particular faith up the throats of
        Freedom of speech is vital for a successful society. Without
freedom of
speech, there is tyranny. Compared to other nations, you have the right to
the most idiotic of statements and not go to jail for it. In the United
you can go to jail for saying stuff that incites hatred against a
group such as Jews or Muslims. In America, you can sadly be as bigoted as
want to be and you do not have to worry about being charged in a court of
At least in America we know who dislikes who compared to other nations
bigotry is kept under lock and key.
        In America the rights of the press is sacred, the marketplace of
helps disburse information to the general public. Compared to Vladimir
President Obama has not shut down the Fox News channel compared to other
leaders who shut down the opposition press. This has made America unique
compared to other nations even though our ruling leaders would dream to
unchecked power.
        In America we can generally protest against the government, but
compared to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations it seems we are getting
closer to Putins Russia where the media is being prohibited and even jailed
documenting what the police has done to the protesters. Compared to other
nations, we can parade across major cities to advocate for queer equality
compared to Moscow where people get jailed and beaten for protesting for
civil liberties.
        For me personally one of the first freedoms I find integral is the
right to redress our grievances to our government no matter if they are in
Sacramento or the District of Columbia. If Governor Brown wants to make it
to cull shelter animals and make it heartbreaking if your dog runs out
the weekend and when you come home your dog ended up put down because you
not have a realistic chance to claim it then people will absolutely
demonstrate. Right now I am calling and writing my state assembly and state
senate members to make sure they do not support the governors proposal.
        For the preservation of the United States I would state the freedom
the press is critical for the survival of the United States. The United
will die without a free press, but sometimes I believe the press can be
corrupted with the leaders in power. Nations such as Russia and Venezuela
not have a free press and it makes it easier for dictators and oligarchs to
control the masses. People need to know what their government stands for
what they are actually doing for us to have a true representative
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