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Time: Wednesday, 11-20-19, 7:49
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From: "H. Ottway" 
Is Craig Kelly a pedo?   He supports pedos who have sex with children.  How
do we relly know that he hasn't had sex with children?  When does he plan
make a statement denying he's a pedo?  Was Craig Kelly raped as a boy?  He
says it's part of his religion.   Kelly says that there shouldn't be laws
against molesting children and has repeatedly stated his support for now
Trump friend and billionaire Jeffery Epstein.
Since Kelly supports child sex abuser George Pell, he supports all pedos
clearly stands for raping children.  Again, does he rape his own children
not?  They need to be interviewed and taken away from him for their own
protection.   Even Kelly admits to having a problem while an estimated 65%
Christian Conservatives in Australia have addictions to child pornography.
'Australia's worst pedophile priest' admits he was out of control and 'went
haywire' abusing altar boys
Cardinal George Pell must return to Australia to answer questions over
pedophile priests, the Opposition leader Bill Shorten has said.
Mr Shorten told the Sunday Telegraph that Cardinal Pell should co-operate
with the Royal Commission by addressing allegations of bribing and buying
silence of victims.
The allegations were made this week in testimony to the Royal Commission
Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse inquiry.
The inquiry heard yesterday that Australia's worst pedophile priest Gerald
Francis Ridsdale himself said he was out of control and 'went haywire' in
Victorian town of Mortlake where he's believed to have abused every boy in
A series of letters and documents published on the sex abuse royal
commission's website reveal details of Ridsdale's abuse and the response
the Catholic church, including Ballarat bishop Ronald Mulkearns.
Ridsdale has been convicted for abusing more than 50 children over three
decades, dating back to his ordination in 1961.
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