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Time: Sunday, 11-18-12, 3:09
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alt.philosophy>   <_0Rps.4071$M14.3767@newsfe28.iad>  
On 11/18/2012 1:00 AM, wrote:
>>>> You don't work, do you BJ?
>>> Nah! I'm trying to find out how to order my "free phone" from Obama. I'm
>>> hoping TreBert can give me the details!
> I see you don't read your links anymore than the Worm does. Typical
> spook! No information only a site where I can give my opinion. No doubt
> some intelligence site that now has me registered (again) as someone to
> watch. ACDC, in the non-sppok world information is what is GIVEN OUT,
> not what is COLLECTED.

Oh come on, BJ!   Would *I* do that to you?

PS- I categorically deny having any past knowledge that that site may or
may not be related in any way to any known government agency or
organization. If I am lying may god strike me dead right now....

"OK you cunts, let's see what you can do now" -Hit Girl .. 变亮

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