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Time: Friday, 6-02-17, 12:30
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                   D I G I T A L    D I S T O R T I O N

                Located in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA
                    Running a customized setup

Over 100 door games, including:   Message networks:          File areas:
 Barren Realms Elite               DeveloperNet (hub)         BBS-related
 Legend of the Red Dragon 1 & 2    MusicalNet (hub)           Windows
 Planets: TEOS                     DOVE-NET                   DOS
 TradeWars 2002                    WhisperNet                 Macintosh
 Arrowbridge 1 & 2                 AgoraNet  [46:1/150]       Emulation
 Land of Devastation               League 10 [10:10/124]      ..and more
 New York 2008                     FidoNet   [1:340/7]
 Operation: Overkill II            Rmininet  [900:104/3178]
 Tournament Trivia                 JustaXnet [410:420/5]
 Chanin Reaction           ========================================
 Dragonlance              | For a full list of door games, see
 The Lost Temple          | this web page:
 Lost In Space            |
 The Lost Temple
 Ambroshia: Test of Time
 ..and more
Networked door games:
 Legend of the Red Dragon (League 10)
 Legend of the Red Dragon (League 46)
 Barren Realms Elite (League 10)
 Inter-BBS Blackjack (League 10)

Digital Distortion is the home of DeveloperNet and MusicalNet; these
are QWK-based message networks focusing on software development and
music topics, respectively.  If you are a sysop and are interested in
setting up your BBS with these networks, informational packets are
available at the following URLs:
--- SBBSecho 3.00-Win32
 * Origin: Digital Distortion: (900:104/3178)

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