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Time: Thursday, 12-15-11, 5:10
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Summary: What is the TW2002 Freightliner ship for $6m?
Keywords: tw2002,tradewars,trade wars,freightliner

 I am curious as to one of the ships that is available in a
TW2002 game that I have been playing for awhile now.  I can't seem to
find documentation on it anywhere; I guess it must be an extension from
one of the recent version updates or the like.  Anyway, I was looking
for a ship that balances high cargo with transwarp capability and I was
wondering if this might help for what I'm looking for.  The only problem
is that I don't want to spend 6million credits on a ship just to find
out that it's not what I need.  I'm not doing THAT well in the game yet.
Anyway if anybody has any suggestions for a ship that'll do what I'm
looking for or what some of the stats on the Freightliner ship are, I
would very much appreciate it.
 Thanks in advance.

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