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Time: Wednesday, 1-08-20, 11:58
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On Wed, 8 Jan 2020 16:14:09 -0600, Surrender the Name
>On 1/7/2020 2:24 PM, Robert wrote:
>> On 7 Jan 2020 19:30:42 GMT, vallor  wrote:
>>> On Tue, 07 Jan 2020 10:55:56 -0800, Robert wrote:
>>>> The RCC has rendered a good portion of the Old and New Testaments, =
>>>> And called God a liar.
>>> See Thomas Paine quote in my sig.
>> Since when has TP been the source of knowledge in things regarding any
>> God? Same thing can be said of the RCC, and it seems that you are
>> equating what TP said with the current understanding of the RCC, yet
>> in another post you said that I poisoned the well.
>> Who poisoned the well? Me or the Pope?
>   You did, repete.   If evolution is fake, why did the universe start=20
>out as a single point 13.8 billion years ago and continues to evolve=20
>(expand) at an increasing rate today?
>the dukester, American-American
Rod, normally I would thank you for pointing out something I missed,
but in this case I have already discussed this with Duke 3X's at the
So I will answer Duke with the basic rudiments of an argument.
Why is the expansion of the universe timed to the days of this earth?
Why was the earth here without form and void from before the times of
Why are their seven things fixed in the skies?
Why did Christ die for the sins of man on this planet and no other
inhabited planet?
The theory of evolution was not tied to any solar explosion. It was
independent of such a thing.
Pick any three of the above to answer, (for Earl).
But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to =
God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that =
diligently seek him.
(Heb 11:6 KJV)
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