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On Tue, 07 Jan 2020 10:08:22 -0800, Mattb  wrote:
>On Tue, 07 Jan 2020 07:56:05 -0600, wrote:
>>On Sun, 05 Jan 2020 12:30:42 -0800, Mattb  wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>Galileo was made to lie because the RCC said it was a lie?  When
>>>>>>>>>>>fact was it was the RCC that was spreading lies.
>>>>No, the RCC was not.
>>>>>>>>>>Was it?  What was the lie that galileo pushed, and why was it a
>>>>>>>>>  Galileo did not push a lie it was the RCC.  Look it up.
>>>>So what was the basis for the problem?
>>You don't know , do you.
>   Why did I know you would answer like this.
Becaue you know I'm much more intelligent than you are.
>>>>>>>>Galileo AND Bruno pushed a lie.  Bruno went to the fire stake.
Galileo was
>>>>>>>>sentenced to house arrest.
>>>>>>>   Then you don't believe the earth revolves around the sun because
>>>>>>>the RCC claimed that was against scripture.
>>>>>>Nope, not at all.
>>>>>   I mean how backwards was the RCC and how did these Vicars of Christ
>>>>>lie to such a degree and harm people for telling truth.
Why would anyone believe galileo and bruno?
>>>>You should learn to pay attention.  My comment was "nope, not at all".
>>>  How could those Vicars of Christ if really of the Holy Spirit lie to
>>>such a degree
>>So explain to me what you think "of the Holy Spirit" entails.
>  You don't know , do you.
I do.  The Holy Spirit is of God and Jesus in truth.  Somehow I think you
he has a poker game every Friday.
>>>>>  Middle ages and they (RCC) killed those that healed with herbs and
>>>>>such.  For these Vicars (Popes) to have direct contact with the Holy
>>>>>Spirit they got so much wrong.
>>>>YOU have direct contact with the Holy Spirit. But prefer direct contact
>>>>satan instead.
>>>   You believe the Popes of the RCC prefer direct contact with Satan?
>>No, I don't.
>  Why did you suggest they did?
You did.
>>>>>>>>As for Bruno thought you claimed the RCC did not have people burned
>>>>>>His problem was one of unrepentant heresy.  Sounds familiar?
>>>>>  Then you do admit the RCC had people burned alive.  Then you have
>>>>>lied on the NG.
The Chruch declared guilt.  The sheriff lit the fires.
>>>>Nope.  You stupidly talk about the RCC going around having people
burned. That's
>>>>not the case.   The RCC was dealing with a major issue of heresy by God's
>>>>people.  They had inquiries, and had the sheriff take drastic steps to
>>>>truth.  Those that recanted were quickly sent home.
>>>   Yes we know the Priest and Popes had others do the dirty parts such
>>>as the burnings.
Which is totally contrary to your statement that the Chruch did the burning.
>>The Inquirers were just that - there to review the cases of heresy.
>   LOL    They were not Judge and jury that directed and gave out
The heretics refused to recant their heresy.
>>>What about the Ipswich Martyrs where your RCC had 9
>>>Christians burned.
>>The Ipswich Martyrs were nine people burnt at the stake for their Lollard
>>Protestant beliefs around 1515-155
>   Yes people murdered because they did not follow Catholic Teachings.
>Don't you, Patrick and Rod wish you could do that today.
No, the God you don't believe in takes care of that after death.
>Then if the RCC tried murder today they'd be destroyed.
They didn't murder before.
>>>>So let's YOU learn to speak in words of truth.
>>>  Read above and that is one example of what you claim never happened.
>>Sounds like the Ipswich people were bad.
>  Yes they disagreed with the RCC to Earl Weber that is bad.
>>>>>Your Church lacks the power in any modern country to have anyone
>>>>>burned.   It has been failing or fading for centuries.
>>>>Heresy in a developing world was a dangerous position to have.
>>>   Yes because at that time your Church had not began to fail.  It no
>>>longer has such power legally.  Now it just rapes and covers up the
>>>abuse of Children.
>>Fail what?  You'll say anything with no support?
>   I've been posting about that for years and now you want more Ok can
>do that.   Reports of pedophilia within the RCC there is no shortage
Then you're been stupid for years.>
>>>>You really screwed the pooch on this post.
>>>>the dukester, American-American
>>the dukester, American-American
the dukester, American-American
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