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"Arnold Schwarzenegger" Muscle & Fitness Promo Sheet

I have for sale the Muscle & Fitness "Arnold Schwarzenegger" black and
white 2-sided insert 'Promo' Sheet. The sheet measures 20 1/2" x 28" and
features Arnold Schwarzenegger, posing (on one side), and  illustrations
of Arnold's front and back muscle structure (with muscle's names) on the
other side of the sheet. On the front (posing side) of the sheet it states:
"My instict was to win, eliminate anyone who is in compition, destroy my
enemy, and move on without any kind of hesitation at all." The bottom of
the sheet includes Arnold's signature "Arnold Schwarzenegger" in black
felt-tip marker.
The "Arnold Schwarzenegger" Muscle & Fitness 'Promo' Sheet is in MINT
Price $15. US plus postage

Please include your "postal mailing address" so I can calculate postage
costs to your destination. Thank you

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