My words shall not pass away

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My words shall not pass away
"Nothing of this world is more durable than the heavens and the earth,
and nothing in the order of nature passes away more quickly than
speech. Words, as long as they are incomplete, are not yet words. Once
completed they cease utterly to be. In fact they cannot be perfected
except by their own passing away. Therefore he says: =E2=80=9CHeaven and ea=
shall pass away, but my words shall not pass.=E2=80=9D As if he were openly=
say: all that seems to you enduring and unchangeable is not enduring
and without change in eternity. And everything of mine that seems to
pass away is enduring and without change. My speech, that seems to
pass away, utters thoughts (sententiae manentes) which endure
=C2=A0by Gregory the Great (excerpt from HOMILIES 1
May 11th - Saint Asaph of Llanelwy
Also known as
Asaph of Llan-Elwy
1 May
5 May (Wales)
11 May on some calendars
Died c. 600; feast day formerly on May 1. The small town of Saint
Asaph in northern Wales was once the scene of a busy and thriving
monastery of Llanelwy founded by Saint Kentigern of Scotland by the
riverside. Kentigern had probably built it after returning from a
visit to Saint David. With him was Asaph, his favorite pupil, whom he
left behind at Llanelwy as abbot to consolidate his work. Others say
that it was Saint Asaph who founded the abbey after having been
trained by Kentigern--the truth is shrouded by time. There is,
however, certainty that Saint Asaph founded the church of Llanasa in
An interesting account exists of Llanelwy's establishment. "There were
assembled in this monastery no fewer than 995 brethren, who all lived
under monastic discipline, serving God in great continence." A third
of these, who were illiterate, tilled the ground and herded the
cattle; a third were occupied with domestic tasks inside the
monastery; and the remainder, who were educated men, said the daily
offices and performed other religious duties.
A distinctive feature was its unbroken continuity of worship, for,
like the Sleepless Ones, the monks of Llanelwy divided themselves into
groups and maintained an unceasing vigil. "When one company had
finished the divine service in the church, another presently entered,
and began it anew; and these having ended, a third immediately
succeeded them." So that by this means prayer was offered up in the
church without intermission, and the praises of God were ever in their
Among them, we are told, "was one named Asaph, more particularly
illustrious for his descent and his beauty, who from his childhood
shone forth brightly, both with virtues and miracles. He daily
endeavored to imitate his master, Saint Kentigern, in all sanctity and
abstinence; and to him the man of God bore ever a special affection,
insomuch that to his prudence he committed the care of the monastery."
A later medieval writer penned about Asaph's "charm of manners, grace
of body, holiness of heart, and witness of miracles." Still little is
actually known about him.
The story has been handed down to us that one bitter night in winter
when Kentigern, as was his custom, had been standing in the cold river
reciting from the Psalter, and had crawled back to his cell, frozen
and exhausted, Asaph ran to fetch hot coals to warm him. Finding no
pan, however, and being in great haste, fearing that the shivering
abbot might die, he raked the glowing coals into the skirt of his
monk's habit, and ran with them, at great risk and discomfort, and
cast them on the hearth of the saint.
That story is typical of his spirit, for he was devoted both to his
master and to the welfare of his monks. We are not surprised that
Kentigern, with every confidence, left the monastery in his care.
Under Asaph's leadership it flourished, and when Asaph was made
bishop, it became the seat of his diocese. The goodness of one man
spread and infected many others with holiness, including many of his
kinsmen, e.g. Deiniol (September 11) and Tysilo (Nov. 8). Today on the
banks of the River Elwy stands the cathedral that bears his name
(Attwater, Benedictines, Gill).
Saint Quote:
"Let me neither seek to please, nor fear to displease any but Thee alone"
--St. Thomas Aquinas
Bible Quotes:
"But I feared lest I should transfer the honour of my God to a man,
and lest I should adore any one except my God"=C2=A0 (Esther 13:14)
"If you have respect to persons you commit sin, being reproved by the
law as transgressors"=C2=A0 (James 2:9)
Prayer for Help
=C2=A0 =C2=A0 Lord Jesus, You see my extreme poverty and destitution, You s=
ee my
frail nature surrounded with so many crafty, powerful enemies, both
exterior and interior placed amid many perils and countless evils both
temporal and spiritual, from which only You, in Your great mercy, can
rescue me. For this reason, I call upon You, for You know that we
cannot obtain the least thing that is good, either for body or soul,
except from You, the Father of mercy and of consolation, the source
and giver of all good gifts. You know that we cannot rid ourselves of
the least thing that is evil, unless You in Your clemency put it far
from us.
=C2=A0 =C2=A0 Filled with hope and confidence in Your sweet Heart, I cry to=
Eternal Father: Behold O Father, I have within my heart the sweet
Heart of Your dear Son; I offer to You this Heart not that it may
accuse me, but plead for me, not cry for vengeance, but for pardon.
What can You refuse to this Heart?
=C2=A0 =C2=A0 Nothing assuredly, either to Him or to me, when I ask for His
sake. Deliver me, therefore I pray from all my foes and the ills of
this life. Help me in my necessities. Grant me grace to end my life by
a holy and happy death.
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