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> Hello,
>      My name is Ron,  and I was the proponent who helped  create
> rec.ponds.moderated  after the original rec.ponds became a disaster.
>       Many  of the aquaria groups (both freshwater and saltwater) are
> now being destroyed by the same things that destroyed rec.ponds.
>      If anyone reading this wants to take the lead in creating a
> moderated newsgroup, I would be  very, very willing to share all the
> experience & info I picked up over the last  4-5  months.
>        I will not be the moderator (my health is poor,  and this
> aquaria subject really does not have much interest  for me), but I
> know what  its like to have a favorite group destroyed.
>        So if anyone  wants to take the lead, or just learn more  about
> how  to  go about creating a moderated  group, please  feel  free to
> contact  me.
>                   ron schompert
> PS:  despite extreme adversity,  and no knowledge whatsoever at the
> beginning  of the process,  we were successful.  RPM  is doing very
> well.
>      Doing this process  a second  time would be much, much  easier
> than the first time, if  the  steps and experiences  of rpm were to be
> used as  a template.
> I don't frequent this group very often, so it would be best  to email
> me.

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