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On Aug 14, 4:22 pm, "Jack Barrett"  wrote:
> After my node dissection last week, they put a JP drain in my right arm
> The draining has been decreasing each day. There were 3 days that I did not
> monitor the amounts since the nurses kept that amount.
> The following amounts per 24 hours are since I have been  home.
> Day 1   160 cc
> Day 2   105 cc
> Day 3     90 cc
> Day 4 (Today) 90 cc
> The doctor stated she would like the 24 hour total no more than 40 cc
> she takes the drain out. She says that the body will absorb that amount
> without any problems.
> My question is....."How long does this normally take?"
> I have to return to work next Monday 8-21 and shirt and tie do not look
> with my drain hanging out or bulging.
> As always, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
> Frustrated Jack in NY
It takes a differing time per person. Some 1-2 weeks, others it can be
over a month. I went to work with one, it is not fun be very doable.
Make sure you pin the drain to your undershirt for stabitly. The good
news it is trending down.
I was told when I was less then 30cc a day to call in the am and
someone would take out the drain.
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