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To: ALL, From: PAUL Time: Tuesday, 8-14-7, 5:55
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On Tue, 14 Aug 2007 09:42:45 -0700, cancerex wrote:
> On Aug 12, 8:59 pm, "JOHN"  wrote:
>> "Paul"  wrote in message
>> >   I think your quite right about making the health of your liver a
>> >   priority, that's why I'm studying the Gerson therapy. I'd be really
>> >   interested to hear about the traditional Chinese medicine though as
>> >   I
>> >  honestly don't fancy giving myself 5 coffee enemas a day!
>> > Keep up the good work mate!
>> > Paul
>> Don't know about Chinese herbs much as I was so impressed with
>> Shulze so never felt the need
>> but Chinese medicine is way ahead of most things, especially the energy
>> medicine such as acupunture and Tai Chi.
>> just read a Taoist master biog and his teacher was 140 years old on
>> last count, and he is 60 but looks 30!
> I have learnt to enjoy the humorous side of this so called forum / group
> (is it not named alt. support .cancer?). Once you understand which
> "contributors" spend all their time attacking  anything alternative, you
> can really enjoy their postings and the following responses from members
> who joined this "discussion" for the right reason, i.e open discusion re
> alternative cancer support/treatments.
> If we accept the medicinal fraternities and big pharmas spin on cancer
> treatments then this group would not exist and there would be absolutely
> no hope of discovering future, more successful treatments for cancer and
> any other modern "diseases"
> The Chinese, Indians, Africans, Australian Aborigines, and all other
> surviving ancient societies have benefitted not one iota from modern
> medicine and in fact have declined because it and its arrogance.
> If we believe in the possibility of future medicinal discoveries it is
> their experience we should be concentrating on , not those of
> financially influenced "scientists".
> Lets fix the problem not the symtoms.
Well put my friend. I have always believed that when those wonderful, all
forgiving Christians back in the dark ages put the witches to the torch,
they threw the baby out with the bath water. I believe that many a good
remedy has been lost for all time due to the arrogance of modern Western
Incidentally, how do you stand on Essiac? ( are we ready for the smart
repartee from planet Allopath?)
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