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After my node dissection last week, they put a JP drain in my right arm pit.
The draining has been decreasing each day. There were 3 days that I did not
monitor the amounts since the nurses kept that amount.
The following amounts per 24 hours are since I have been  home.
Day 1   160 cc
Day 2   105 cc
Day 3     90 cc
Day 4 (Today) 90 cc
The doctor stated she would like the 24 hour total no more than 40 cc before
she takes the drain out. She says that the body will absorb that amount
without any problems.
My question is....."How long does this normally take?"
I have to return to work next Monday 8-21 and shirt and tie do not look good
with my drain hanging out or bulging.
As always, your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Frustrated Jack in NY
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