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On Aug 12, 8:59 pm, "JOHN"  wrote:
> "Paul"  wrote in message
> >   I think your quite right about making the health of your liver a
> >   priority, that's why I'm studying the Gerson therapy. I'd be really
> >   interested to hear about the traditional Chinese medicine though as I
> >  honestly don't fancy giving myself 5 coffee enemas a day!
> > Keep up the good work mate!
> > Paul
> Don't know about Chinese herbs much as I was so impressed with
Shulze so never felt the need
> but Chinese medicine is way ahead of most things, especially the energy
> medicine such as acupunture and Tai Chi.
> just read a Taoist master biog and his teacher was 140 years old on last
> count, and he is 60 but looks 30!
I have learnt to enjoy the humorous side of this so called forum /
group (is it not named alt. support .cancer?). Once you understand
which "contributors" spend all their time attacking  anything
alternative, you can really enjoy their postings and the following
responses from members who joined this "discussion" for the right
reason, i.e open discusion re alternative cancer support/treatments.
If we accept the medicinal fraternities and big pharmas spin on cancer
treatments then this group would not exist and there would be
absolutely no hope of discovering future, more successful treatments
for cancer and any other modern "diseases"
The Chinese, Indians, Africans, Australian Aborigines, and all other
surviving ancient societies have benefitted not one iota from modern
medicine and in fact have declined because it and its arrogance.
If we believe in the possibility of future medicinal discoveries it is
their experience we should be concentrating on , not those of
financially influenced "scientists".
Lets fix the problem not the symtoms.
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