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On Jul 25, 1:22 pm, Grendel  wrote:
> On Jul 25, 2:27 pm, zeez  wrote:
> > This is why telemarketing sucks: You get to piss a whole bunch of
> > people off, receive threats of physical harm and shit while at the
> > same time knowing if you don't achieve a certain amount of sales, your
> > ass is on the streets. Sadly, the people who have to do this are
> > working paycheck to paycheck, probably have little if any money in
> > savings, maybe even have a family to support and have to work this
> > shitty job. I can't imagining many people actually wanting it other
> > than for lack of other job opportunities, and those who do want it
> > probably get a 180 change of feeling of just how much they want it in
> > very short order. The people who actually deserve the shit, the bosses
> > of the companies, the CEOs and other people high up in the food chain
> > who order them to call during dinner time don't have to take the anger
> > that the people being called dishes out, the people working the phones
> > do.
> >  Telemarketing sucks, and very few people in the phone banks are there
> > by choice (other than
> > not wanting to starve on the streets).
> Of course they are there by choice.  Everyone has a choice.  If they
> don't like it, their first choice would be to acquire marketable job
> skills and find a better job.
> Telemarketers are those with no job skills that are too lazy to put
> effort into learning any.
> Had a girl telemarketer call me about a security system.  I said,
> "No", but her sales must have been slow as she marked "Yes" on her
> paperwork.  A couple weeks later I start getting calls about when
> would I like my security systme installed.  I told them, 6 times, I
> didn't order, nor want, a security system.
> Finally, a person claiming to be a Manager called and asked why I had
> changed my mind.  I responded, "I didn't.  I told the girl 'No' and am
> getting tired of being harrassed.  But I'll make you a deal.  It's 150
> feet from my front gate to my front door.  My 172 pound Rottweiler
> 'Brune' can make it in 3 seconds.  If you can make it in 2 seconds
> I'll buy your system."  I never heard from them again.
> It's simple.  You want a high paying job?  Learn a skill that's worth
> something.
> Yol Bolsun,
> Grendel.
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 It's simple.  You want a high paying job?  Learn a skill that's worth

 Like machinist? Oh wait that job got ousourced, better train for
another one. Truck driver is good paying job, right? Uh oh, gas goes
up and the market will soon be flooded with Mexican drivers. Better
train again. Software engineer, four to six years of school should do
it. What? Those jobs are outsourced and the market is crowded. Back
for some more training. Now let's see, if I don't get sick and I
continue to pay my student loans I should be OK. Real estate agent
sounds good. Finish training and the market  goes bust! Boy am I
stupid I should have known better. Back to school. That one on the TV
sounds pretty good. Fourty thousand bucks, but they have financial
assistance and job placement. Only takes a couple of years. At the end
it wasn't such a good idea, many more dollars in debt and the market
is full of people just like me only wanting to work. Good thing there
are people who will tell me it is my fault; I might have thought it
was the system. Looking through the classified ads I see an ad for a
job, no experience needed, high earnings potential room to advance.
Well the creditors are at the door, my spouse is ready to to leave me
and the kids need school clothes. AND BETTER NO ONE TELL ME I NEED TO

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