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On Aug 8, 8:51 am, "Richard" <(none)> wrote:
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> > ""  writes
> >>Hi,
> [...snipped...]
> > Whilst I think smoking is bad for you and I don't like it when I am
> > I would not want to automatically impose a ban in private member only
> > clubs.  It should be up to the members.
> Why?  We have an established precedent in the UK for laws to be enacted to
> protect people from themselves ... as well as from each other.  The
> compulsory wearing of seat belts in private cars is an example.   Back seat
> passengers are required to wear them both to protect themselves and to stop
> them from killing the person in front in an accident.
> In the case of the smoking ban, the purpose is primarily the latter ......
> to prevent people from having to suffer from the effects of secondary smoke
> inhalation.  This is particularly important for the staff who work in
> establishments [where smoking used to be permitted].

Hey there, brother.

The fact of second hand smoke is that half the scientific community
says it's udder rubbish and the other half says it's just the same as
smoking.  Now, with science, if the results are inconclusive, that is
to say, to have a 50/50 split, then using the scientific method, we
can not conclude that second hand smoke is harmful.  For if we ignore
the scientific method, then a lot of other rubbish should be accepted,
as well.

Check out, it may open your eyes.


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