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Mudge wrote:
> On 08/09/2007 09:17:10 Disproportionate Rabbit wrote:
>>Dale Glover wrote:
>>>In my lodge several of the brothers smoke, even during the granting of
>>>degrees which is a no-no in my jurisdiction.
>>I can't remember how long it is since smoking ceased at the Festive Board
>>in my original lodge.  It closed in 1994 and it was some time before that
>>- 1990 perhaps?  When smoking was allowed in the anteroom, it was always a
>>rule here that regalia had to be taken off while smoking and woe betide
>>anyone who forgot and lit up.  I can't even contemplate someone smoking
>>inside a Lodgeroom.
> Quite so - I was initiated in 1956 and have never experienced anyone,
> at any time, smoking during a meeting. In the anteroom or ast the
> festive board - yes. But in the Lodge Room - never !!!!
Pardon me for jumping in.  I once visited a rural lodge in Texas that
had maintained the original furniture and fixtures from its  founding.
The seats were composed of a wooden frame with streched rawhide for the
seat and backing.  In front of each seat was both an ashtray and spittoon.

Jack Wise

Secretary, Oak Wood Lodge No. 1444, AF & AM, The Woodlands, TX
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PM, Jacques DeMolay Lodge No. 1390,  AF & AM, Houston, TX
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TEXAS red wine:  renowned for its smoky-mesquite-bbq & jalapeno
overtones, the perfect foil for a meal of tacos and refried beans...

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