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"Andrew Chaplin"  wrote ....

> I went through the Lebanon mountains quite a bit in 1992-'93. AFAICT, the
> old growth Lebanese cedar was nearly gone, with surviving specimens having
> the status of curiosities, e.g. the tree at Bcharré on which the poet
> Lamartine carved his initials. My sylvan ideals are shaped by my Canadian
> origins, but I did not see a stand of cedars in Lebanon that would qualify
> as a "wood" let alone a "forest"; many cedars stood as individuals and
> were on maps as landmarks.

I'm afraid a number of generations of unconcerned clear cutters predated
your visit.
> "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...."
> --

Given the clear records of Phoenician voyages (often on hulls and spars of
Lebanese cedar), I've no problem with "Mid Latitude Transatlantic"
crossings.  Pick up an August tropical depression of the Canaries/Cape
Verde, hope it doesn't turn into a hurricane and depending on the track of
the following depressions and you're North of Brazil or in the Caribbean
before you know.

Now, it's the getting back that's the problem.  The same applies to giant
Chinese junks setting up dim sum stands on the shores of San Francisco Bay.

I don't think it's a rash assumption that Basque and Breton fishermen were
on the Banks long before Columbus ever started hiring a crew, and that both
the going and the coming had to have been at least modestly well understood.
I've no faith in Viking souvenirs from Minnesota, and the simple enormity of
the American Eastern seaboard may have limited any serious looking to the
South, but those structures in Newfoundland are more than counterfeit.

But no matter upon whose rumors or sailing directions he may have been
traveling, it was old Chris who released the torrent, all those smart,
hungry, greedy Renaissance types looking for some serious exploiting.


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