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> > news:D%Dwi.15826$
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> >> They didn't intend staying.
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> >> Same at Bruneval and St Nazaire.
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> >> William Black
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> > at bruneval and st nazaire there was a purpose to the raids.
> > dieppe was ure insanity. but all were just raids and in no way are
> > to the brits cut& running like dunkirk or corunna or the duke of york's
> > disasterous campaign in the late 18th century.
> >
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> Demonstrating, above,  that he hasn't been taught to use the shift key
> the space bar) and using Mary's account .... ;-
> Ray will now show how the USA forces didn't _cut and run_  (Bladenburg
> Races); past the Executive Mansion and these Militia  had always intended
> that the British forces should enjoy a decent dinner -prepared and already
> laid for them -before the 'brtis'(sic)  set light to the 'President's
> Mansion'. - which probably needed such an 'Extreme Make-Over'!

new orleans. 1/8/1815

there is nothing at bladensburg that mentions the battle although there is a
large cross called the peace cross in the middle of the battle area.
condos cover lowndes hill the american position and a childrens playground
the british.
the americans showed up for the next battle, east point and ft mchenry a
notable british failure.

but that is different from the british tradition of manning the boats and
deserting their allies.

at the battle of the thames in ontario 8/15/1813 the british commander,
general  henry procter, fled and left his indian allies to face the wrath of
the american army.

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