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>> A. Hey, I watched television when I was younger. I do now. That's why
>> I know there were better TV shows. Ever heard of "Omnibus," "I Love
>> Lucy," "Sesame Street," "Ed Sullivan," "Jack Benny," "60 Minutes,"
>> "Fawlty Towers," "The Honeymooners," "Saturday Night Live," "Captain
>> Kangaroo," or Carol Burnett's or Tracey Ullman's shows?
> "Omnibus" - After its ratings dropped, the show was later renamed "The
> Bus That Couldn't Slow Down." But slow down it did.
> "I Love Lucy" - Good show, showing us what Homer & Marge will be like
> in their older days (Fred & Ethel)
> "Sesame Street" - Too much gang violence and hallucination for my
> taste. However, they were early proponents of gay marriage.
> "Ed Sullivan" - Ah, the old Sullivan show. He tried to help the
> Rolling Stones by improving their lyrics, but would they listen?
> Nooooo...
> "Jack Benny" - Who wants to watch a sketch show written by a
> violinist?
Actually he had a regular group of writers.  And it was often a sitcom
about the personal life of the character played by Jack Benny, not
always a sketch/variety show.
> "Fawlty Towers" - If the British really want to do comedy, they should
> learn from "Monty Python's Flying Circus."
A classic, although we only saw the 12 good episodes, not the 36
average-to-lousy episodes Americans would have produced in the two
> "The Honeymooners" - The title of this show was blatant false
> advertising.
> "Saturday Night Live" - I have seen some re-runs of this show, and I
> just don't get. First, Gerald Ford was in actuality a very athletic
> and graceful man. Second, he hasn't been President in quite some time.
Well, he was president for the first year and a half of the series, who
were they supposed to make fun of?
> "Captain Kangaroo" - He wasn't really a captain, but "2nd Lieutenant
> Kangaroo" just didn't have the same ring.
Comparing Sesame Street and Captain Kangaroo to the Simpsons is
ridiculous.  Ebert is being nostalgic about his youth.
> "The Carol Burnett Show" - Those guys were so drunk they could barely
> make it through one sketch without laughing.
> Tracey Ullman's shows - I remember she had one show that featured a
> cartoon family of some notoriety. I wonder whatever became of that?
> -- R Flowers
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