Re: Was 'spider-pig' so damn funny to yo

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On Aug 10, 9:59 pm, "R Flowers"  wrote:
> I am at a loss as to why everyone thinks the "Spider-pig" gags were so
> funny. They were easily the lamest part of the movie. Yes, Homer rescuing
> the pig was funny. Their almost-kiss while watching TV was funny. The
> footprints on the ceiling with the quick take to Homer holding the pig up
> was funny.
> But everyone seems to think 'spider-pig' made that movie worth the $7.50.
> And that stupid Spider-pig song? Give me a break!
> Don't get me wrong - I really loved the movie. I guess I'm just venting
> because some people I know will start singing "spider pig, spider pig..."
> then laugh like it's the funniest damn thing they've ever heard. It's
> beginning to be as grating as rednecks yelling "Git'r Done!!!" - and we
> how annoying that can be.
> -- R Flowers
I agree. I think Spider Pig was really stupid.
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