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Li'l Chekov on a field trip to Star Fleet Academy with his grade school.

"Brian Thorn"  wrote in message
> On Wed, 8 Aug 2007 10:06:43 -0500, "Lance Corporal \"Hammer\" Schultz"
>  wrote:
>>Uh, does this strike anyone else as a continuity flub?  When Chekov
>>joined the cast in TOS, wasn't he extremely green?  How is he going to
>>be contemporary with Kirk in the Academy?
> a) Only part of the movie takes place at the Academy, other parts may
> take place at other points in Kirk's life, including taking command of
> the Enterprise, or,
> b) The movie has nothing to do with the Academy and primarily takes
> place around the time Kirk takes command of the Enterprise, with
> possible framing sequences involving an elderly Spock recounting those
> days.
> Which it is, no one who knows for sure is saying, those who are saying
> don't know for sure.
> My money is on B.
> Brian

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