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Time: Thursday, 8-09-7, 10:19
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On Aug 1, 3:45 pm, wrote:
> Hi,
>      I have a Samsung LE40M87BDX HDTV and a Samsung HT-X200 2.1 home
> cinema system and am experiencing what I would call 'audio-sync'
> issues. I have connected my systems as follows:-
> 1. Sky receiver via SCART to Samsung TV.
> 2. HDMI between TV and DVD.
> 3. Optical from TV to Samsung home cinema for Audio.
> At fist the Audio seems OK but after about 30 mins I start to getlip-
syncissues, this is what I have tried in order to diagnose the
> issue:-
> 1. Take out the Sky element and use the TV's in-built digital receiver
> and send the audio out to the home-cinema
>     over the optical cable -PROBLEMSTILL EXISTS.
> 2. Again as above but using the TV's conventional analogue tv signal
> and sending the audio out over the optical
>     connection to the home-cinem -PROBLEMSTILL EXISTS.
> 3. Connecting straight from the Sky receiver to the home cinema by
> phono-leads and this seems OK.
> I have read quite a few threads on potential Audio issues with Samsung
> TV/DVD's but these seem to be geared towards the American models and I
> am not sure if UK models suffer the same problems. Can anyone advise
> on what the issues could be and maybe what I need to do to resolve
> them.
> thanks in advance, Mark.


I can't help with specifics since I'm in the US but one thing to be
aware of is the wide variation in lip-sync recognition that often
makes comparisons or determinations of the existence of lip-sync
problems between different individuals looking at identical equipment
useless and confusing.

The reason is apparently the unnatural occurrence of audio before the
video which is impossible in natrure (we can't hear the sound of a
drum beat until after it is struck in the real world) and this causes
us to develop a defense mecahnism to avoid this impossibility.  That
defense mechanism varies from individual to individual causing
different people to subconsciously avoid lip-sync error by differing
amounts.  One person may tolerate only 40 ms while another tolerates
75 ms.  Even more confusion is added when that tolerance changes for
the same individual.  That is the person who formerly did not notice
75 ms lip-sync error may be exposed to 150 ms error after which he
notices the problem and his new tolerance thereafter may be much lower
- even perhaps only a few milli-seconds in fact.  This makes
comparisons nearly impossible.

A good review covering three companies' lip-sync correction produts
and a lot about the problem is at:

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