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> The list price for the VSX-D912 was $475 in 2003. That's a far cry from
> $150.

The OP posted spam for cheap amplifiers and I said I bought this entire
receiver for $150 at Costco. It's not my fault the list price is higher!
That's what Costco is all about.

> at .2% distortion, it's going to clip easily on difficult passages.

As Kal explained, steady state distortion has nothing to do with headroom
which is a function of, among other things, the size of the power supply
capacitors. What about all those expensive toob amps with > 1 percent
distortion? Those are good but my Pioneer receiver is not? :->)

> If the distortion ratings are that high, the amp isn't capable of clean
> power, mostly due to the caps not being of good quality.

The distortion spec is at 110 watts! Nobody listens to music at an average
level equal to the amp's maximum output. So in this case that 0.2 percent
reflects worst case for "difficult passages." I haven't measured my receiver
but I imagine the distortion is 1/10 that (or even lower) at normal
listening levels. But let's look at this even closer:

A distortion level of 0.2 percent means that the sum of all artifacts is 54
dB below the music. You'd be hard pressed to hear that, not only because -54
dB is VERY soft but also because the music masks the distortion. Even 1
percent distortion can sound clean, and this is 5 times lower. Further, no
loudspeakers I'm aware of are even close to having distortion that low,
making the whole issue moot.

BTW Chip, I hope you don't feel I'm picking on you. The notion that
inexpensive gear can't be good is common, even if it's wrong.


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