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> JTEM wrote;
> >Except for three points:
> >The first is that it's interpreted -- post
> >Christianity -- to be a Christian "Good
> >Shepard" fresco.
> [Our timeline is Mid-3rdC] Have you ever visited the Catacombs
> outside of Rome or any Roman museums?
The catacombs are hardly without issue, including dating.
> If not, 'Google Image' catacombs "good shephard" rome.
You're simply arguing in circles here. Yes, Christianity did
adopt that "Good Shepard" iconography, but they were far
from the first, and they weren't even alone in the 4th century,
let alone earlier.
"The good Shepard" does not nor can not identify christians.
> That image is very very popular and seems to be exclusively
> Christian
No it doesn't. The problem is that it's always identified as
> >That's certainly a very problematic
> >interpretation, as it goes on to identify
> >Adam and Eve in the very same fresco.
> >Jesus in Edan? That's not right...
> He's not!!!
Sorry, you're just plain wrong. The fresco includes what the
same bible thumpers call Adam & Eve.
> Use a little common sense.
: The Good Shepherd, Adam and Eve. Wall painting in the
: baptistry of the domus ecclesiae in Dura Europos.
: At left is the Good Shepherd, a common image for Christ;.
: Below that image, roughly sketched is Adam and Eve.
There. EXACTLY as I said. This next one, just to be fair, seems
to recognize the problem and invents the idea that it's Adam &
Eve "after the fall." What -- if anything -- so much as hints at this
they of course never say...
: The Good Shepherd with Adam and Eve After the Fall
Ironic. You're denying the two additional figures in the painting,
and what the bible thumpers identify them as. You're in a free
fall fantasy....
> It's a religious painting making a statement above what is almost
> certainly a Baptistery.
That is entirely circular. FIRST the image is misinterpreted as
a screwed up Jesus-in-Edan-as-the-Good-Shepard, and only
FOLLOWING that everything else is interpreted within that
> Small image in lower left corner; 'Adam, Eve, serpent, tree', Man's
> Original Sin. 
This "Serpent" is absent from almost every other description, as is
the "Tree." These pillars or whatever they are would have to be
"Trees," plural, as there are more than one.
You're making my point. People are merely seeing what they want
to see.,
> Main larger image centered; 'Good Shephard' aka Jesus Christ. Accept
> Jesus as savour, get head dunked in water, and get a clean sin slate or
> something like that.
These words don;t appear ANYWHERE on the image.
They're entirely made up.
Again, you're making my point:  You're not talking about Dura
Europa, you're talking about some fantasy with serpents &
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