We're all meeting at the Dura Europa exh

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Time: Friday, 4-01-11, 7:31
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So we're all meeting at this Dura Europa exhibit,
in Boston.
Sll sre welcome to join the discussion/debate.
According to the website, the exhibit runs until
June 5th, so let's make it Saturday, May 28th
as our meeting day. This gives people the
maximum time for travel plans while avoiding
the "Last Weekend" rush.
Exhibits are never more busy than their openings
and closings...
The rules will be as follows:
Only one personality per person. If you are
unable to commit to one and only one personality
for an entire day, see your neurologist.
     #1a.  Imaginary friends are not welcome.
You understand that nobody wants to go back to
your Mom's basement to play Dungeons & Dragons
and you agree not to ask.
Nobody cares about the chip on your shoulder, or
your inability to move on from past exchanges. The
topic will be Duro Europa, and if you can't stick to
that than see your neurologist.
Unlike your Mom's basement, clothing is not optional.
You must be reasonably attired.
Some attempt at personal hygiene must be made.
Look here for additional rules. It is not the responsibility
of online organizers to keep you informed. It is the
personal responsibility of participants to keep themselves
informed of any & all alterations or additions to the rules,
and to adhere to them. If you have any questions you
may visit your neurologist.
--- FIDOGATE 4.4.10
 * Origin: FTN Gate on kofobbs.net (900:900/1.98)

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