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NOTE:  B.C., where the Dura Europos exhibit is
being held, is a Catholic school. It is  __Not__
Dom  wrote:
> > Like men waiting in a boat and 2 men walking
> > on water could not possibly be showing a NT scene?
You can only interpreted it that way if you FIRST decide
that it's a church, or some such nonsense.
To say that the image is ambiguous is the understatement
of the century.
And it's a ship, not a boat. Actually, the whole thing is in
line with the Iliad. You have the giant cyclops (who, in
antiquity, was often portrayed as NOT a cyclops but a
giant with two or more eyes) towering over the other figures,
the image with the ship and, of course, the woman could
fit a number of scenes.
As a matter of fact, if you asked 100 random people who
had no knowledge of Dura Europos and your colorful
interpretations, not only is it unlikely that ANY would see
the bible, but none would doubt you for a second if you
told them all that they were scenes from the Iliad.
Biblical archaeologists like you -- and the Jesuit B.C. --
claim that if I can't positively exclude than that's as
good as proof, but no real scholar or archaeologists accepts
such nonsense.
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