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Time: Thursday, 4-07-11, 12:53
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Dom wrote;
>In addition to the above two frescos,
 The other fresco I hadn't a clue about was called I believe 'The Good
Samaritan at the Well'.
 I assumed it was the 'Good Samaritan' story (male) that many people
have heard even Atheists like me:).
 I asked someone who is very knowledgeable about Christian history.
 And it's actually a NT story
>the exhibition also contains the remnant of
>a parchment identified as: "the
>'Diatesseron,' a harmony of the four
>gospels by Tatian."
>The parchment mentions "a man from
>Arimethea [...] by the name of Joseph."
 [I only went to wiki]
 Anyway in the article it seems that at least 3 say it is this
'Diatesseron', 3 say it's a different version of the 'Harmony of the 4
Gospels' and 1 claims it is a completely different Christian text.
 But all agree that it was written by the Christian writer Tatiana (this
spelling is the main one from google).
 So perhaps someone:) with an opposing viewpoint could *easily* find a
*reliable* cite(s) that disclaims it's Tatiana writings?
But they would also have to find some *reliable* sources that translate
this parchment so that there is no (zero) NT text within it (A Rabbi
walks into a bar with a duck and...:)
 If not, then it would still be a Christian text found at *this site*.
 So we have a site that has OT frescos, NT frescos, a large basin too
small to be a bathing tub in an elaborate setting/location
(baptistisms-Christians-major event) and a parchment with Christian text
on it.
 And found in the same house structure?
 Sounds *exactly* like the Iliad to me:-).
 Thanks for the additional info about the parchment. Regards, Walter
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