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This is the people who maintain the Dura Europos
: Boston College is committed to maintaining and
: strengthening the Jesuit, Catholic mission of the
: University, and especially its commitment to
: integrating intellectual, personal, ethical, and
: religious formation; and to uniting high academic
: achievement with service to others.
 Dom  wrote:
> For the record, I am not a "Biblical archaeologists,"
You are what you do, and you  __Do__  endorse & disseminate
the words & works of biblical archaeologists.
As I pointed out, the whole Dura Europos nonsense is based
on Biblical archaeology -- the fact that there conclusions can
not be EXCLUDED. That is not how science works, including
archaeology, but it is how "Biblical Archaeology" work.
Dura Europos can be BETTER explained as depicting the Iliad
than biblical scenes. But, the mere fact that alternative explanations
do exist is enough to keep anyone with any REAL scientific
standards from declaring it a "Christian House.... did I say house?
No, it's a church. And a House."
--- FIDOGATE 4.4.10
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