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Time: Wednesday, 8-15-7, 2:59
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   Decades ago I bought (but never executed) a book on incorporating in
Delaware.  It said you could register pseudonyms with the "prothonotary" and
then use those pseudonyms as the two other minimum stockholders. I wonder,
isn't prothonotary just the county clerk and isn't a psudonym the same as a
dba. I know under common law you can use any name you want so long as it
isn't fraudulent (but many bureaucrats would never stand for it). A lot of
federal forms ask for "legal name" and "other names used". So if I wanted to
have a pen name, do I get a dba to prove it's me? Before credit cards and
checks became commonplace my folks used the surname "Pann" but then their
options became limited so they reverted to the official "Panagiotopoulos."
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