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"James Fenimore"  wrote in message
> On Aug 15, 11:48 am, "Harry Dope"  wrote:
>> Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish and Icebergs Melt
>> Oh, the horror of it all!!! When, oh when will we conservatives finally
>> pay
>> heed to the Goracle and change our evil ways?
>> Oh, wait a second - that headline is from 1922:
>>   D.C. resident John Lockwood was conducting research at the Library of
>> Congress and came across an intriguing Page 2 headline in the Nov. 2,
>> 1922
>> edition of The Washington Post: "Arctic Ocean Getting Warm; Seals Vanish
>> and
>> Icebergs Melt."
>>   The 1922 article, obtained by Inside the Beltway, goes on to mention
>> "great masses of ice have now been replaced by moraines of earth and
>> stones," and "at many points well-known glaciers have entirely
>> disappeared."
>>   "This was one of several such articles I have found at the Library of
>> Congress for the 1920s and 1930s," says Mr. Lockwood. "I had read of the
>> just-released NASA estimates, that four of the 10 hottest years in the
>> U.S.
>> were actually in the 1930s, with 1934 the hottest of all."
>> There's this funny thing about the climate - it changes. Ya know? There
>> is
>> that really weird thing about how its been well over 100 degrees in Vegas
>> almost every day for a couple months now...but, then, something strange
>> happens every January, and we're lucky if we crack 60 degrees. How do we
>> explain this? I just don't know - the Goracle has yet to speak on this
>> subject. We know, per the Gorons, for certain that the big, yellow thingy
>> in
>> the sky doesn't have nearly as much effect as human activity on global
>> mean
>> temperatures - so how do we explain this massive switch from global
>> warming
>> to global cooling in a mere six months? I suggest we set up a
>> comprehensive
>> system of temperature stations on asphalt parking lots and iceboxes
>> around
>> the nation...that should get to the bottom of this!
>> --
>> What we find is that the surge has troops going into areas, where for 4
>> 1/2
>> years we have not seen our military in action. Naturally, they are
>> routing
>> out al Qaeda in those areas. That's a good thing.
>> -- Sen. Dick Durbin
> ------------- SO WHO NEEDS SEALS, ANYWAY?   --------------
> TIME ...
> ... to other matters, like the HARM DONE BY ORGANIZED RELIGION ...
> Don't believe it?
> Ask NASA!
> And perish the thought, but America's favorite ULTRA-RIGHT-WING
> And Al Gore?  He can now tend to his wayward outlaw son in the comfort
> of their 9,500-square-foot fully AIR-CONDITIONED mansion in 102-degree
> F. Tennessee
> -------------------------
> "NASA Revisions Create a Stir in The Blogosphere"
> By Marc Kaufman
> Washington Post Staff Writer
> Wednesday, August 15, 2007; A06
"slightly revised"
"corrected figures show that the past six years were 0.15 degrees centigrade
cooler than reported"
"the change is insignificant in terms of global warming"
> NASA has slightly revised its record of average annual temperatures in
> the United States since 2000 -- modifications that researchers say are
> insignificant but that some conservative commentators and bloggers
> have seized upon to assert that global warming has been hyped as a
> problem.
> The revisions, which were first posted on the Web site of NASA's
> Goddard Institute for Space Studies, stemmed from an error noticed by
> Canadian blogger and global warming skeptic Stephen McIntyre. James
> Hansen, director of the institute, said McIntyre brought the error to
> the institute's attention, and the error was corrected.
> Average annual temperatures are based on readings collected from many
> different sites. To compare these readings over time, scientists
> adjust them to take into account factors such as urbanization. Hansen
> said the mistake occurred because NASA scientists thought some
> readings they used in determining the average annual temperature after
> the year 2000 had been adjusted, when they had not been.
> Hansen said that the corrected figures show that the past six years
> were 0.15 degrees centigrade cooler than reported. Hansen said that
> the change is insignificant in terms of global warming and altered the
> overall global mean temperatures by one-one-thousandth of a degree.
> Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh used reports of the
> revisions to argue that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by
> scientists with liberal agendas.
> "We have proof of man-made global warming," Limbaugh said on his show
> last Thursday. "The man-made global warming is inside NASA. The man-
> made global warming is in the scientific community with false data."
> Hansen said that the critics were "making a mountain of a molehill."
> "The change does nothing to our understanding of how the global
> climate is changing and is being used by critics to muddy the debate,"
> he said.
> Hansen said that NASA generally does not release or discuss national
> weather statistics because it is more concerned with global patterns.
> The agency that pays more attention to American temperature trends is
> the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which has said
> that most of the warmest years in the past century have been in the
> past 12 years.
> Hansen said the revised data do nothing to change that overall trend.
> Climate researchers have long known that the mid- and late 1930s were
> quite warm and that 1934 may have been the hottest year of the century
> -- although average temperatures in 1998 were statistically just as
> high. The revised data do not affect the debate over which of those
> years was warmer.
> The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported earlier this
> year that global warming is definitely occurring and that greenhouse
> gases created by humans are the most likely cause.
> (Staff writer Christopher Lee contributed to this report.)
> $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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