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outside and was trying to shag me
: against a car!!! I wasn't too impressed by that.
: I can't resist him though. We went to his friends house and the next thing
: I remember is waking up naked in bed with him!!!

:   It's okay if your e-mails are shorter than mine.  Size is important,
:   and you TOTALLY pass THAT test, however, size of e-mails does not count.

>   I can't wait for this evening! I really hope I can lick your pussy
>   during the commute home. ;-)
>   I love eating you!!!
>   I have a hard-on right now!
>   umm, umm, your breasts and whipped cream...

One time I got curious enough to ask someone about them sending sexually
explicit traffic in the clear across the Internet.

It was someone using a back-and-forth style; one person does a few
of a hot and heavy scenario between themselves and the other person. The
other person then picks up the thread for several more paragraphs...

I emailed the person, explained I was Internet security for the firm, and
said I should point out that while he was free to send these emails, I
wanted to warn him that traffic on the Internet can be scanned by gawd
knows who, and it might be possible for him to get embarrassed by it.

He emailed back and asked what I thought the chances of that happening were.

I said low.

Three days later they started their steamy traffic again.

Over months of time, one can accumulate an extended amount of information
about people by their traffic.

Very personal information.

In fact, you don't even have to

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