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> Thanks, Gale.  I've always leaned a bit Libertarian myself, which
> prolly accounts for why I like him so much. He seems indeed an
> exception to my favorite Twain quote "Suppose I were an idiot.  And
> suppose I were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." He's smart,
> indeed has integrity, and  the courage of his coonvictions.
> On Jul 27, 5:53 pm, Gale  wrote:
>> Rather decent article on Ron Paul from Sunday's NYTimes magazine,
>> available at
>> It's interesting to discover a member of Congress I can respect (it
>> appears there are relatively few in the current bought-and-paid-for
>> government). I'd never vote for the man for President (far too many
>> important areas of disagreement), but I wish I had a Congressional
>> Representative of even half that level of integrity.

Well, If the USA has to have a Republican president, he's the Republican I'd
like to do the job. Mainly because he appears to be a republican of his own
mind, not a puppet of the neo-con right that hijacked the Republican party a
few decades ago.


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