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Yowie wrote:
>  wrote in message
>> Thanks, Gale.  I've always leaned a bit Libertarian myself, which
>> prolly accounts for why I like him so much. He seems indeed an
>> exception to my favorite Twain quote "Suppose I were an idiot.  And
>> suppose I were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself." He's smart,
>> indeed has integrity, and  the courage of his coonvictions.
>> On Jul 27, 5:53 pm, Gale  wrote:
>>> Rather decent article on Ron Paul from Sunday's NYTimes magazine,
>>> available at
>>> It's interesting to discover a member of Congress I can respect (it
>>> appears there are relatively few in the current bought-and-paid-for
>>> government). I'd never vote for the man for President (far too many
>>> important areas of disagreement), but I wish I had a Congressional
>>> Representative of even half that level of integrity.
> Well, If the USA has to have a Republican president, he's the Republican
> like to do the job. Mainly because he appears to be a republican of his own
> mind, not a puppet of the neo-con right that hijacked the Republican party
> few decades ago.
> Yowie

Ron Paul doesn't vote at all as I'd prefer, but I love listening to the
guy.  Unfortunately, bullshit-free political discourse seems relegated
to the people that aren't electable.

If there is a Hell, I don't think he has a snowball's chance in it.

I would love to have the Republicans front Ron as their candidate.
Perhaps he'd shock the people I /would/ vote for out of their
mealymouthed double talk routine and into some semblance of
intelligence.  Right now it's the Democratic duckspeak we get, not
anything truly substantive. It's all on message, and we (that is to say,
I) like the message, but it's like they're promising gold in them thar
hills and all I see is rock.

Promises are easy when nobody's the clear victor.  Whomever gets
selected needs to realize that right now, we're looking at them like
waiters lying about what they're serving.  Steak is on the menu but
there's no cow in the back.

A majority in Congress, the backing of the people, and political capital
out the ass could all fade away like a fart in a stiff wind if the
Democrats can't manage to pull together something approximating a
strong, unified front against the Perfect Bullshit Storm.  Right now
they'd break like levees.

A war is being fought for our votes, but for now we're watching paper

Sergeant Tibbs
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