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Aug. 1. - 3 Drimes (Greece) / Girlfriend's Day (U.S.) How serious can
this one be if Mega Omni Corp hasn't latched on to it to squeeze money
out of us yet? You'd think they would hop on top of this the way they
did Ice Cream Day last month. . . . oh / Yorkshire Day (Yorkshire,
England) because nobody else would / Celebration of the liberation of
Haile Selassie from slavery. (Rastafari movement) / World Scout Day
Anniversary of the first day of the Brownsea Island Camp where 100 years
ago today pedophile Robert Baden-Powell (oh, don't fuss at me, read an
unbowdlerized bio of the man!) started the Boy Scouts. / Lammas
(Neo-Pagan) The wheel of the year begins to shift from growing time to
harvest time.

Aug. 2. Lughnasadh or L Lnasa (Ireland) the traditional first day
of Autumn in Ireland. That's right AUTUMN! / National Ice Cream Sandwich
Day (U.S.) WELL aren't WE special? Ice Cream month was july and here you
come wandering / Porcingula (Native American) / National Pretty is As
Pretty Does Day (U.S.) Okay, sure, whatever.

Aug. 3. Watermelon Day (Kentucky) Which, it turns out, are pretty darn

Aug. 4. Sunset Festival of the Dead & Jubilation of the Heart of Re
(Ancient Egypt) / Pop culture note, Marvel comics version of Thor the
God of Thunder premiered 45 years ago, the colorist at the time tuned
him into a blond because he had been given a red cape, and due to the
limitations of color in comics at the time giving him red hair would not
have worked..

Aug. 5. Benediction of the Sea (France) / National Mustard Day (U.S.) /
on this day in 1924 the comic strip Little Orphan Annie premiered.

Aug. 6. Toro Nagashi (Hiroshima, Japan) Floating lantern ceremony to
honor those killed by the U.S. atomic bomb in Hiroshima. / H.H. Sheikh
Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan's Accession Day (United Arab Emirates)

Aug. 7. Republic Day (Ivory Coast) / Feast day for at least 15 different
Roman Catholic saints.

Aug. 8. Peace Day (Iraq) Yeah... / Name's day of Queen Silvia (Sweden) /
Father's Day (Taiwan) In Mandarin, Ba Ba means father and 88, or August
8). / Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Night. (U.S.) Are
we to assume that the 9th is dragging the neighbors who have been shot
by the paranoid off the porch day?

Aug. 9. International Day of the Worlds Indigenous People. Which, I'm
willing to bet, will be almost certainly ignored by the world's
indigenous people completely. / Sisters' Day International. A day to
send your sister a card, bake her a cake or forster sisterhood in some
other manor. / Filipina-American Recognition Day. (U.S.) Day to note the
contributions of female Filipina Americans, no really, it's that
narrowly focused, started and advocated by Cantara Christopher a
Filipina American memoirist & publisher who also write erotic romance
under the name Simona Wing. / Dog Days (Japan)

Aug. 10. Lailat al Miraj or Ra Al Mi' Raj (Islam) Celebration of the
night flight of Muhammad on the winged horse Buraq, first to "the
farthest mosque," usually identified with Jerusalem, and then to heaven
and back. Started at sunset the 9th this year. / Opalia (Roman) Festival
in honor of Ops, fertility, Earth goddess and wife of Saturn / Labrinca
Diena (Pagan Latvia).

Aug. 11. Student's Day & Lawyer's Day (Brazil) / Valentine's Day
(Taiwan) / Presidential Joke Day. (U.S.) Name a day that isn't. / Puck
Fair (Ireland)

Aug. 12. Feast of The Lights of Isis (Ancient Egypt) / -15. Awa Odori
(Japan) / Birthday of Queen Sirkit (Thailand) / United Nations
International Youth Day / Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and
His Bride (Thelema) / Glorious Twelfth at the Yorkshire Dales.
(Yorkshire, England) I don't know, but I'm starting to think that
perhaps Yorkshire needs to get over itself.

Aug. 13. Hecate's Day. / International Lefthanders Day. In honor of the
day I m typing this left-handed. At least for the A's T's E's and such.
/ Vertumnalia in honor of Vertumnus and Diana, (Ancient Rome) / Lao
Issara (Laos) Day of the Free Laos. / Women's Day (Tunisia)

Aug. 14. National Navajo Code Talkers Day (U.S.) Day to honor the code
talkers of World War II who supplied the one unbreakable code of the
war, the Navajo language. / On this day in 1888 rain fell on the Cape of
Good Hope that was so black it was called a shower of ink.

Aug. 15. Assumption of Mary (Roman Catholic) / National Relaxation Day
(U.S.) / National Failures Day (U.S.) At last a day I can call my own. /
World Day of Reiki / VJ Day / Independence Day (India) / Flooding of the
Nile Day (Egypt) / National Mourning Day (Bangladesh) / Toro Nagashi
(Hawaii ) Floating lanterns ceremony to commemorate the end of the
second world war. / Day of the End of the War (Japan) Day of the
National War Dead Memorial Ceremony

Aug. 16. The roller coaster is 109 years old today. / Portunalia
(Ancient Rome) in honor of Portunes.

Aug. 17. Feast of the Hungry Ghosts (China) / Rituals in the Temples of
Ra, Horus & Osiris. (Ancient Egypt) Aug.

18. Long Tan Day (Australia) also called Vietnam Veterans' Day named
after the Battle of Long Tan. / Bad Poetry Day. (International)

Speaking of which.

See, see the sticky sky.
Chortle at its big transparent depths.

Tell me, Thor, and Orphan Annie,
with her dog's left foot so sore,

do you wonder why our president ignores you? Why his rantookish stare
makes you feel like an disembowelled watermelon?

I can tell you this then now, he is worried by your pospatarian
hairstyle that looks like an ice cream sandwich.

What's more, he knows your Vulcanalia girlfriend reeks of Hecate's Last
5-cent postage stamp.

Everything under the big sticky sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?

You only charm the small dead fish of August.

(By Terry McCombs with the help of the Vogon Poem Generator.) Also the
18th is the day in 1587 that Virginia Dare, the first white child born
in America was born. Later she, her parents, younger brother, the rest
of the colonists and even the houses they built disappeared never to be
heard seen again, and one of the reasons, I at least speculate anyway,
why the sub-genre of Weird Fiction was also born in America at a much
later date.

Aug. 19. Vinalia Rustica (Ancient Rome) Celebrated in honor of Venus
Libitina commemorating the founding of the oldest known temple to her,
on the Esquiline Hill, in 293 BC / Apples Feast (Russian Orthodox
Church) really about celebrating Jesus' transfiguration, called the
Apple Feast because it's the first day of the year when eating apples is
allowed. . . . . . allowed? / National Day of the Filipino Language

Aug. 20. Janmashtami (Hindu) The birth of Krishna / Lover's Day (Taiwan)
/ Ninoy Aquino Day (Philippines) Sure are a LOT of holidays in the
Philippines this month! / A gibbous eldritch 117th birthday to H. P.

Aug. 21. Consualia or Consuales Ludi (Ancient Rome) Festival to honor
Consus, Protector of the Harvest and God of Counsel, who's temple was
covered in earth the whole year save for this day, at which time no
horses, mules or asses were made to work. That you have to admit is
pretty darn original as holidays go.

Aug. 22. Mary Queen of Angels. (Roman Catholic) / Order of the Rosy
Cross established in Paris, 1623.

Aug. 23. Vulcanalia (Ancient Rome) On this day in the old Roman Empire
small fish were tossed into large fires to appease Vulcan and ask him to
restrain wild fires and volcanoes.

Aug. 24. Knife Day (U.S.) / It was 1926 years ago that Mt. Vesuvius
erupted destroying Pompeii, Staviae & Herculaneum. See what happens when
you skimp on your Vulcanalia observances?

Aug. 25. Opiconsivia (Roman) another festival for Ops. / Nation's Heroes
Day. (Philippines)

Aug. 26. Feast of the Green Corn (Cherokee) / Women's Rights Day (U.S.)
No body tell the Supreme Court about this one or they mayt declare it
unconstitutional / On this day in 1920 the 19th Amendment giving women
the vote in America was passed. / Pardon of the Sea (Frence)

Aug. 27. Volturnalia (Roman) For Volturnus god of the east wind. /
Wedding of the Giants (Belgium)

Aug. 28. Raksha Bandhan (Hindu) Time for brothers & sisters to celebrate
the special bond between them. / Liberation Day (Hong Kong) / Uspenije
Presvete Bogorodice Velika Gospojina i.e. Dormition of the Most Holy
Theotokos "Mother of God" (Yugoslavia)

Aug. 29. More Herbs, Less Salt Day. (U.S.) It's good for you. /
Beheading of John the Baptist Feast Day (Eastern Orthodox & Roman
Catholic) Beheading, not so good. / New Year's day or Thoth Day (Ancient
Egypt) first day of the Egyptian calendar. Compaired to the other two,
pretty much nertral.

Aug. 30. International Day of the Disappeared, at present still
numbering over 46,000 / It was on this day in 1146 that a conference of
European leaders outlawed the crossbow, thinking to end war for all
time. Nice try. / According to Charles Fort on this day in Switzerland
in 1870 there was a fall of hailstones during a storm that had salt
crystals in them.

Aug. 31 - Sept. 9. Ganesh Chaturtai (Hindu) Time to cleanse the
household and oneself leading to the reinstalling of the statue's
'presence' of Ganesh in the home. / And it was on the 31st that Sirius
Black escaped from Azkaban in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

For images and future reference go to

Terry McCombs

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