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Name: Kuan Yin. Also: Avalokitesvara (India male), Ta-Pei Kuan Shih Yin
P'u-Sa, Kannon (Japan), Quan'Am (Vietnam), Kanin (Bali.), Gwan-se-eum
(Korean), Koue'in (Shanghainese), Koan-im (Taiwanese.)

Symbols: Willow brance.

Usual Image: The earliest images were of a slim androgynous man, later
the image changes to a Chinese woman in flowing white robes, usually
holding a child, or a small vase from which she pores forth pure water,
some statues show her hands in various mudras, that is the hands held in
certain positions conveying different mystic attitudes. Some say Kuan
Yin is nether male or female.

Form of Worship: It is said that to call on Kuan Yin's name is blessing

Holy Books: The Sutra of the Lotus of the Wondrous Law, Miao Fa Lien Hua
Ching, The 100 Prophecies of Kuan Yin.

Holy Days: In Taiwan her birthday is celebrated in March, though the day
varies from year to year.

Synodeities: Bast (Egyptian), Artemis (Greek), Sequana (Celtic), Mary
(Christian), Tara (Tibetan.)

Details: The Goddess that is now known the world over as Kuan Yin was
first know from a work titled the Saddharma Pundarika Sutra that was
written around the first century c.e. in Northern India. It told of a
Bodhisattva named Avalokitesvara who had eliminated all his karma and
yet stayed embodied so that he could pore out his compassion to the

By the 5th century this Bodhisattva had moved to China, become female
and was known as Kuan Yin, the One Who Hears the Cries of the World.

It was not long after this she became the embodiment of mercy and
Kuan Yin is said to be able to take any form and come to the aid of
those who call on her for aid. In fact just saying her name is said to
be a profound blessing.

As a bodhisattva she is someone who has reached enlightenment but has
chosen to remain incarnated until all forms of life can be brought to
the same state.

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