Mary as Trickster Goddess.

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>From UFO Digest by R. Lee

Speculation on Mary as Trickster

An American professor is describing his atheism to a Mexican who is
attempting to understand his faith. Suddenly there is a gleam of
understanding in the eyes of the senora.
"We know that you do not believe in Jesus," she said with a look of
sympathy, "but surely you must believe in the Virgin of Guadalupe!" ~
Virgin of Guadalupe Goddess of the Americas, Patrice Wynne

There aren't many female aspects of the Trickster. But I wonder if
Marian apparitions can't be considered a female version of Trickster

If we accept that Marian apparitions are a paranormal/anomalous (and not
religious) phenomena, and often within the context of UFOs, and that the
Trickster is an innate part of paranormal, UFO phenomena, then it isn't
too outlandish to consider the symbol of the "Virgin" Mary as a

Demetria Martinez, in a short piece on her relation to the image of the
Virgin of Guadalupe, considers Mary a "sacred Trickster": Guadalupe,
that sacred trickster who faithful to her Aztec predecessor appeared on
the hill where Tonantzin, the corn goddess, was worshipped by
Nahuatl-speaking people ~

I've often been struck by the irony of the Catholic Church cracking down
on both those church members who believe appearances of Mary is a part
of their religious experience, as well as the Marian Apparitional
phenomena itself.

It's clear there is an entire political agenda present in the church's
stance on maintain power in contrast to the appearances of a deity that
seems, whether intentionally or as a by product, to mock the church's
In this way, these apparitions of Mary could be seen as a manifestation
of Trickster.

She shares other characteristics with Trickster:
# She appears outside of, and regardless of, the church's official,
authoritarian position.

# She appears within the context of paranormal, supernatural, and or
UFOlogical phenomena.

# Her messages are often contrary to what is currently presented by the

# She continues to appear, despite the efforts of authority to quench
those appearances.

# The phenomena invites debate, stirs up trouble, and creates divisions
among Catholics, the religious, the spiritual and the non-religious or
spiritual alike. From church goer to UFO researcher, all groups engage
in controversial and opposing discussions about her appearances. Science
enters the fray; more debate.

# Often Marian apparitions occur on sacred ground or in places where
previous supernatural, anomalous appearances have taken place.

# The messages of Mary are often urges to reject the church's official
line. Trickster laughs at authority, usurps it, mocks it.

# People continue to follow their beliefs, curiosity, and remain true to
their personal experiences in terms of Marian apparitions by visiting
her shrines, creating groups, communicating with others who share
similar views, often in defiance of church mandate.

# At times, the church has gone so far as to get the law involved in
shutting down pilgrimages, etc. Here the authority cracks down on the
anomalous; even, in typical Trickster like irony, that authority is
itself anomalous.

Paranormal phenomena has occurred in many MAs, (Marian Apparitions) :
rosaries turning gold or silver, aerial phenomena, dramatic weather
events, the strong scent of roses, etc.

These can be compared to various "stunts" performed by UFO occupants, in
an anomalous, paranormal context.
Even the symbology of Mary herself, often thought of as only a Catholic
icon, is Trickster like.

Mary was not a "virgin" in the strict sense in Jewish and other
traditions; Mary, a Jew, was mother to Jesus Christ, another Jew.

Her pregnancy is a mystery; occurring because of a "visitation" of an
angel. If these events were placed in a UFO/alien/paranormal context,
the presence of the Trickster is apparent.

The Trickster is a joker. From the spiritual aspects of marian
apparitions; Guadalupe, Medajorgie, Lourdes, etc. to the pop culture
circus like appearances of the Blessed Mother on window panes, trees and
tortillas, we see the extremes and contradictions of Trickster.

>From the divine (appearing on holy sites) to the ridiculous (appearing
on bread, tortillas and oily window panes) the Trickster holds up the
image of Mary to all of the folk, while thumbing its nose at the
approval of the church, as well as society.

Mary as Political Icon

The Virgin of Guadalupe is a political symbol, not just a religious
icon. Her image appears on t-shirts, candles, all kinds of mundane

People put her image on their cars. Keys hang from plastic encased
images of the Virgin of Guadalupe, her image is stuck to the front of
refrigerators. Other Marys appear in these ways as well.

Even non-Catholics, like myself, have taken on her iconography to
represent an oppositional stance towards the institutionalization of

Though raised in that tradition and baptized and growing up in part in
Hispanic culture, I also come from a Jewish background: you can't get
more inverse than that!

In these ways, we can look at Marian Apparitions as an aspect of the
Trickster, and consider the symbol of Mary in all her manifestations as
both a feminine and divine side to the Trickster.

R. Lee  for UFO Digest


For more about Trickster see


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