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End of Desire, The  by M. R. Sellars   2007  WillowTree Press
0-9678221-6-5 338 pages     Paperback $14.95 (U.S.)    ADVANCED READERS COPY

Once again we get to slide into Rowan Gant's world.a world of psychics and
Witches; of police and professional photographers; of things that not only
go bump in the night, but which can bump you in the night.  Rowan is the
Witch (as is his wife, Felicity), his friend Ben is the police, and Felicity
is the professional photographer as well as a channel for the things that go
bump in the night.

I have been a fan of this series since I was turned on to it by a request
from a reader of my reviews a few years ago.  And the "Miranda trilogy", of
which this is the concluding installment has maintained the high quality of
story-telling I have come to expect from Mr. Sellars.  Oh, the magick is a
bit over the top, and the Witchcraft owes a (very) small debt to Hollywood
as well as a larger one to the Pagan community, but overall this I one of
the most realistic series dealing with the topic of Witchcraft to come
along, ever.

Rowan begins this book far from his native turf.  He is in hurricane-ravaged
New Orleans.  His wife and High Priestess, Felicity, is in a mental ward in
St. Louis as a result of (take your pick):  a disembodied spirit, a Vodoun
Lwa, or a major psychotic break.  Rowan is searching for information which
will help him to help her.  Unfortunately, Felicity is the logical half of
this couple, and Rowan finds himself in deep trouble almost from the moment
he lands in New Orleans.

As with the previous books (and this is #8 in the series), the action
catches you and sweeps you along.  Once you start reading, it becomes
difficult to put the book down.  The images are crisp and so realistic that
you have no trouble visualizing what is happening.

In fact, that fast pacing, is one disadvantage to reading these books.  It
is hard to take the time to savor them.  It normally takes me four days or
so to read and review a book.  The Rowan Gant books never take me more than
two days each.

Even though this is the end of the Miranda trilogy, I can't help feeling
that we will encounter her again.  The ending was a trifle too quick and
clean, something that seldom happens to Rowan and Felicity.  I know there
are more books forthcoming in the series, so I wouldn't take bets on what is
coming up.

One of the things I love about "Advanced Reader's Copies" of books, and
which readers of my reviews (apparently) hate, is that I get to see and read
the books months before they hit the shelves at the bookstores.  In this
case, The End of Desire is scheduled to be out around Samhain.  If you have
read any of the previous books in this series, and have enjoyed what you
have read, I suggest you go down to your local supplier.I mean bookstore.and
pre-order a copy.  You won't regret it.

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