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Release 3.6.4 addresses the issue of program not even
showing the main window because it crashes before it
even has a chance to run. Crash has NOTHING to do with
NewsMaestro. Download the latest version, starting with
3.6.4 and it should run like Ferrari.
This issue is a result of deadly battle between Microsoft and Sun,
and all they do to make sure Java is as incompatible, as they can
manage. The result is: users suffer and developers waste time on
addressing a purely artificial issue. All these megabux law
suits can only produce this kind of a result.
News Maestro is power tool for usenet that automatically performs
any standard Usenet operation, as specified in various RFSs,
individually, or in bulk, on any number of groups and articles,
utilizing sophisticated filters to select the articles to be
processed from/to archives.
This is my present to you all.
You don't have to pay anything.
You are not obliged to do anything.
You don't make commitments of any kind.
You just enjoy it.
And have a big, big smile on your face.
A REAL one,
not that plastic thing some of you carry all your life.
And now is the main part:
If you find any problems or issues, post under this thread in:
You need the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) installed
in order to run the program.
Depending on your operating system and its version,
or what other things you have installed,
you might also need to install the JVM.
First, try to unzip the file you downloaded, and double click
on NewsMaestro.exe in the install dir.
If main window comes up, then you don't need to install the JVM.
You already have it.
Otherwise, you can download JVM from many places.
Doing a simple search on Google or your favorite search
engine will produce plenty of places to get it.
You can try this one for starters:
The file should be about 5 megs in size.
NewsMaestro.exe Windows executable is ready to run.
Source code is included.
NewsMaestro download page:
Make sure to download the latest version.
It should be named, where N.NN is a version
number. There are several packages, but you need to download
the one that has the highest version number, regarless of which
package it is packaged in.
Some people have downloaded not the latest version because
they looked into wrong package category.
On-line documentation is located at:
The program does not require installation.
Just unzip the .zip file into any directory and
double click on NewsMaestro.exe to run it.
Make sure to unzip the file by using Extract button,
if you use WinZip. It will extract all the files
and create several subdirectories that have a few
sample and configuration files. If you simply drag
and drop the files from .zip, then those directories
might not get created and the program will be unable
to run.
There are few sample configurations provided.
Hit F3 function key to load one of them,
change your server name/IP, and that is all you need
to run it.
Note: Sample configurations use group files that contain
the list of groups to process, stored in Config subdirectory
where the program was installed. Edit that file and provide
the list of groups you are interested in.
Then, simply hit Do IT button, and it will start processing
those groups. Notice the Operation choice box.
It specifies what kind of operation you are going to perform.
The detailed help is provided. Simply double click on
NewsMaestro.chm to view it, even if program is not running,
or, if it is running, hit F1 function key.
NewsMaestro Introduction and Features
News Maestro is power tool for usenet.
There is just nothing like it.
It can perform anything related to usenet in automated manner.
Individually or in bulk.
It can post, repost multiple articles from the archive file,
download any number of articles depending on selected criteria,
such as group name, author, subject of an article, or any other
required headers. It can send regular emails or post to usenet
via mail2news gateways.
It has a powerful job module that allows you to run any number
of automated jobs and perform any usenet operation in bulk.
It can also generate any standard usenet control messages that
could apply to either existing articles in some group, or to
to selected articles in one of your archives.
You  can use filters to select the candidate articles.
Job module is used to perform a number of different operations
automatically. Each task can perform any desired operation,
such as download, post, etc. Once some task is finished, the next
task in the job list starts up automatically.
Super Filters
Articles for download/post operations could be selected using
powerful filters. You can filter on any required header and/or
article body specifying multiple search parameters and keyword
Filters can be applied to any operation.
Monkey Business
You can download some articles using filters to select only
those articles, you are interested in.
Then, during the Monkey Business operation, the program will
substitute the original words in the article with different,
randomly selected words according to a number of syntactically
correct categories, thus changing the meaning of what is being
said and yet perfectly preserving the thought pattern and
exactly duplicating the syntax of the original sentences.
Template Generation
Templates can be used in the same way as in ordinary letterhead.
The articles or any text file are scanned and some words
are replaced with symbols, corresponding to linguistic
categories, such as nouns, verbs, etc.
These templates can then be converted back into text and the
original verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc. will be replaced with
normal words, selected randomly.
You can use your own dictionaries during template generation and
monkey busines operations. Default dictionary supplied contains
over 8000 words and can be extended at will with a regular text
Archive to HTML/XML converter
You can convert your standard usenet archives into nice looking
web pages, using style sheets, background image, etc.,
and use your favorite web browser to view them.
You can navigate those pages using the navigation buttons.
Filters can be applied to select the candidate articles.
Automatic quote insertion
You can add leading and trailing quotes to the body of the
articles you post by randomly selecting those quotes from your
own quotes file. You can also add intro and reminder notes to
any posted article with desired periodicity.
Article archives:
You can save the articles you download from usenet to any number
of archive files. Later on, some of those articles could be
re-posted using filters to select which ones.
Archive maintenance:
You can eliminate duplicate articles from your archives and
repair any archive files automatically.
Email and MailToNews:
You can send email articles from your archives to any number of
You can also  post articles from your archive using Mail2News
More on Filtering
Powerful filtering techniques are available to select the
articles for any operation, such as post, download, etc.
Filters can be applied to required article headers or article
body, or both.
Multiple keywords or keyword phrases are supported. Search scope
allows to perform a multi-keyword searches and match only those
articles that have all of the keywords within a specified number
of characters. Associative filtering allows you to create the
association lists containing similar in meaning keywords.
If article contains any of the keywords on any of association
lists, it will match.
Filters can be applied during conversion of you archives into HTML
web pages to select the articles you are interested in. This is a
very powerful feature for educational and research purposes as you
will be able to avoid seeing all the articles you are not interested
in, unlike on some web search engines where you see all sorts of
articles having nothing to do with what you are interested in.
Dictionaries are used during symbol substitution in article headers
or body, template generation or Monkey Business  operation.
They contain the lists of words classified by different categories.
More on Template Generator
Template generator allows you to convert any existing articles into
templates substituting article headers or words in the article body
with symbols. Template can then be save to a file for later use,
or it can be used on the fly to convert all symbols back to
corresponding words or article headers.
Conversion utilizes the symbol categories in order to produce the
linguistically correct conversions selecting proper categories from
the Dictionaries. Each linguistic category, such as nouns, verbs,
adjectives, etc contains a list of words belonging to that category.
Dictionary are regular text files and can be edited with any text
More on Monkey Business Operation
You can download articles from usenet selecting desired articles
with filters, save them in your local archive and then substitute
all the words that exist in your dictionary with randomly selected
linguistic equivalents.
More on Dictionaries
You can use two different dictionaries, one for converting words
to symbols and the other one for converting symbols back to words
or you can use the same dictionary. Using two separate dictionaries
allows you to generate text that will have a limited vocabulary of
particular individual type, such as plumber, computer freak,
little girl, bully, cop, etc.
Multiple configurations: You can create a different configuration
file to store all the parameters to carry out any operation, such
as download, post, etc. Next time you run the program, you simply
load one of your configurations and click on Do It button to start it.
Get yourself the most powerful tool for usenet you ever heard of.
NewsMaestro download page:
Finally, if any java programmers can look at the sources and
suggest some ideas for improvements, that would be great.
And if they can get their hands on it and post the latest version
of source files, that would be even better.
Post it under this thread.
Usenet and NWO
Ever heard of a Diamond Sword?
The most propagated hierarchy on usenet, Big-8,
has been taken over by the totalitarian clique of puppets,
appointed by the previous herr fuehrer, Russ Allbery,
who has done more destruction to usenet than anyone
in its entire history.
At this point, those puppets, who call themselves
Big 8 Management Board (B8MB) got so arrogant and so
dictatorial, that they completely abandoned and and all
Democratic principles, usenet was built upon.
Instead, they created their own "moderated" group
to alledly discuss the issues of group creation/status,
and they are the "moderators" of that group themselves,
despite the fact that there already exist a group to
discuss such issues and "vote" on it. That group is
news.groups, commonly known by usenet users for being the
central place to discuss such issues for a generation.
These puppets of Russ completely abolished the most
fundamental principles of Democracy and replaced them
with a Stalinist style committee, which is them.
So, instead of "voting" by usenet users, they "vote"
behind the closed curtains among themselves.
They delude people by creating a false image of
some discussion on news.groups, but, nevertheless,
those "discussions" are utterly meaningless,
as, regardless of the results of those "discussions",
they do what they want nevertheless.
Take care of that nazi clique of Russ Allbery's puppets,
destroying and suffocating Big-8 unlike anything in its
entire history. Visit news.groups to see what is going on
with Big-8, the most propagated hierarchy on Usenet.
Here is the list of those puppets:
But first, is DA Super Tzar, orthewise known as Godfather Of Brainwashing
Russ Allbery 
He happens to be a maintainer of INN, one of the most popular
news servers, and wasted quite a few years of his miserable life,
working on all sorts of ways to make sure DA Big-8 can be totally
dominated and literally "owned" by him.
So, he, and his previous fuehrer, David Lawrence, aka tale
(or was that TAIL? :--}) have designed ALL sorts of tricks
to make sure Big-8 is totally dominated. They invented
the NNTP-Posting-Host header, from what I know, then
came up with the idea of PGP signing the control messages,
so that no one in the world, but themselves could send
DA "authorized" control messages, automatically accepted
by some major news servers.
But to make things even MORE fun, Russ has come up with
the idea that even if some mortal sends a control message
and it will appear in the control.newgroup pseudo group,
the news admin won't even see that message, unless it is
sent by herr fuehrer Russ, who holds DA golden key to power
over Big-8, and who has DA "authorized" address,
which is at, sponsored by the U.S. military and
intelligence agencies, such as DISA (Defense Information
Systems Agency), that shells out millons of bux to that
shop called ISC (Internet Software "Consortium").
Btw, does ANYONE know what that "consortium" is all about?
A strange thing, but that has NOTHING to do
whatsoever with Big-8 or usenet as such.
How come it is DA "authorized" address?
Who do they represent?
Who gave them right to control the most propagated hierachy
there is, Big-8, which is about the biggest information
system known to mankind in its entire history.
Fully distributed on hundreds of thousands of computer
systems, providers, and all sorts of servers.
Anyway, here is DA "committee", da Joseph Stalin type:
First of all, DA "official", "auhorized" address to
PGP sign DA control messages, so they can be "officially"
and automatically recognized by the news server software:
One more time, for most advanced minds,
what does have to do with usenet,
besides being "owned" by DISA?
Anybody knows?
The Big-8 Management Board  - DA Bored! :--} (The Big-8 Management Board) - behind da scenes version of
DA bored.
news.announce.newgroups Moderation Team 
Tim Skirvin  - Da Tzar! (Tim Skirvin) (Tim Skirvin)
NGP Approval Key  - DA "approval" key.
    Who are these self-appointed nazi sickos to "approve" ANYTHING?
Thomas Lee  - the most obnoxious,
    utterly intolerant, mouth foaming idiot, posing as a Stalin's mouth.
Nigel Sixsmith  - ultra nazi pervert,
    "moderator" of news.admin.moderation scam, created specifically
    to prevent any open discussion on the issues of "moderation".
Steve Bonine  - Bunny is DA "moderator" of that
    news.groups.proposal scam.
"Adam H. Kerman"  - Just Adam.
Dave Sill  - Dave Silly is DA mouth of you know what by now.
"Martin X. Moleski, SJ"  - DA smart fart,
     clueless fool and an amateur programmer wannabe.
"Doug Freyburger"  - Fries burgers,
     and in spair time dominates. Must be those burgers
     that gave him this idea, cause it is so easy to fry them! (Kathy Morgan) - oh, Kathy is quite a specimen,
     DA "new age" style. She usually chases rats in her back garden,
     or butterflies, depending on what's DA message today on that
     idiot box, called TV. But then you need to get some things
     off your chest, and do some perverted domination.
     That kinda eases off that tension of suppressing yourself
     all the time and carrying this poisonous plastic smile on your face.
Kevin Cannon  - A REAL cannon.
Aatu Koskensilta  - Oh, this one is smart"
     He can't even talk the human language, cause there's just so much
     spagetti in that cockpit between his ears, that he can't even
     find some things. So, he talks like Einstein, but what he actually
     invented, not even he himself knows, cause it is lost in that
     spagetti maze in his cockpit. - just another reincarnation, just in case.
Jim Riley  - DA "librarian", or DA cleaner.
     His mind only works to destroy things. He is a bookworm,
     so he constantly creates DA "reports", identifying da candidate
     groups for removal. It is a complicated process, pushing and
     shoving all sorts of crap around, just to get DA "approval",
     of DA bored.
     Question: what is DA need to REMOVE ANY group?
     What is DA problem?
     It does not consume any resources, even if there are no posts
     to it. There is no bandwidth load from it since it is empty.
     What is DA point, mr. bookworm?
Brian Edmonds (Jonathan Kamens) - ultra nazi.
     "Retired" by his own initiative, when it became abandantly
      clear who he is. The arrogance is on the par with Adolph Hitler.
Anyway, enough of this totalitarian dictatorship!
Usenet can not take it any more.
These people have not created ANYTHING on usenet.
ALL they are doing, and for over 10 years,
is destroying usenet, making it more difficult for
people to participate and create groups.
All these so called RFDs, CFVs and all that scam
was just orgies, where group proponents were rutinely
insulted, rediculed, harassed and even threatened.
For MONTHS on.
Until DA "final word" of herr fuehrer decides wether
some group should be created and issues DA "official"
control message, signed with his own golden key.
Even there it isn't certain.
Even of there are over 30 thousands of vote FOR
the group, it might not be created.
Yep, look up the Google archives.
So, as time went on, the usenet has become more and
more rigid, inflexible and more controlled by all sorts
of megalomaniacs, calling themselves DA "officials".
But who authorized them?
Who elected them?
You can use this gadget and give it to them.
Big-8 has to go back to a Democratic system.
Take it back, and make it a Democracy again.
No one is going to do it for you.
It is YOUR life.
No need to whine any longer.
Just get a taste of a diamond sword.
THAT much you do owe me.
Actually, you owe it to yourself,
and you owe it to your children,
and to the children of their children.
You'll LOVE this gadget. There isn't anything even CLOSE to it,
at least as far as I know.
You can do Usenet miracles with it. That much is fer sure.
And a big smile from Osho, the one killed by these kinds of
sick criminals calling themselves "rulers",
in this NWO grand scam
of proportions unseen
in the entire history of mankind.
The one, who gave his life,
so that you live in harmony with nature,
and enjoy life to its fullest,
and recognize that you are as good as it gets.
Don't listen to all those poisonous "rulers",
stuffing your brain with brainwashing propaganda,
and the most idiotic one liner templates,
no matter who they are and high high they sit,
who tell you that you are no good as you are,
you have to be changed,
you have to submit to da party line,
you have to be like others,
you can't just be as you are,
because you are no good.
Sick stuff as it gets.
But these are just lies
to manipulate you
and play you like a doll
in a puppet theatre.
You are NOT a doll of ANY kind,
unless you submit to to da party line
and get into the endless line of goats,
seeing nothing but another tail in front of them,
and licking all the fat asses,
left and right,
going faster and faster and faster,
towards the endless abbys.
In 1980, Pink Floyd has made a record,
called The Wall, and a movie with this soundtrack.
Just get it and see what we are talking about here.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"The thesis that the danger of genocide was hanging over us
in June 1967 and that Israel was fighting for its physical
existence is only bluff, which was born and developed after
the war."
- --- Israeli General Matityahu Peled,
    Ha'aretz, 19 March 1972.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This is just a reminder.
It is not an emergency yet.
Were it actual emergency, you wouldn't be able to read this.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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