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> My wife and I are planning a trip between Sacramento and Reno on Train 6,
> the California Zephyr in October.
> Does anyone have any idea of this train's average on-time performance?
> is, is it late a good fraction of the time or does it get annulled often?
> And for best mountain viewing should we try to get on the south side or the
> north side of the train?  Do you know what equipment is used on this train
> (Heritage or other???)?
> Anything to be particularly aware of or anything to avoid?

I have not ridden the train, but I have driven I80 between the two
cities several times.  The track appear to be mostly, if not totally,
on the south side of the valley, so the seats on the north side of the
train (left side from Sac to Reno) should give the best views.


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