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Time: Monday, 8-13-7, 2:05
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James Robinson wrote:
> (Everett M. Greene) wrote:
>> James Robinson  writes:
>>> "wa-kiki"  wrote:
>>>> I've seen it in prototype operation and I've seen it on film where
>>>> a locomotive will be put somewhere in the middle of a train to help
>>>> move a really heavy load such as a coal unit train. But can someone
>>>> tell me how this actually works.
>>> It all depends on how many locomotives are used as helpers, and where
>>> they are placed in the train.
>   < snip >
>> Seems like a good description in an idealized situation.  Since
>> the rail lines are almost never completely consistent grades,
>> the neutral point will fluctuate as the grade varies.  I've seen
>> descriptions of operations where the front units will be braking
>> while the more rearward units will still be pushing/pulling at
>> full bore as a long train goes over a hill.  So there is some
>> art to getting the power balance correct at any moment.
> ........  Control of slack is an art................hallelujah brother! Do

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