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Thanks to both Bill and Jerry for the info.

And I forgot to ask:  If my wife lets me take the scanner out what AAR
channels should I listen to and what, roughly, are the milepost limits for
those channels?

Thanks agan!


"Bill McCray"  wrote in message
> On Mon, 13 Aug 2007 14:49:33 -0700, "Al Gillis" 
> wrote:
>> My wife and I are planning a trip between Sacramento and Reno on Train 6,
>> the California Zephyr in October.
>> Does anyone have any idea of this train's average on-time performance?
>> That
>> is, is it late a good fraction of the time or does it get annulled often?
>> And for best mountain viewing should we try to get on the south side or
>> the
>> north side of the train?  Do you know what equipment is used on this
>> train
>> (Heritage or other???)?
>> Anything to be particularly aware of or anything to avoid?
> I have not ridden the train, but I have driven I80 between the two
> cities several times.  The track appear to be mostly, if not totally,
> on the south side of the valley, so the seats on the north side of the
> train (left side from Sac to Reno) should give the best views.
> Bill
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