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On Aug 14, 4:13 am, (Mark Brader) wrote:
> Mark Hardwidge:
> > > d. I liked Q0, too.  (I, of course, got the idea from ECP2.)
> > > Actually, my desire to ask that question was a big driver for me
> > > running the contest.
> Duncan Booth:
> > I'm sorry to say Q0 was a major reason I didn't enter: I didn't like
> > having to guess at what might be a correct answer ...
> Neither did I, and I didn't much like the one in ECP2 either.
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I honestly thought you would object to the question because it seems
to encourage people to "buddy up" and communicate outside the contest
about entering using each others names to ensure correct answers.
Of course, this is coming from the guy who still doesn't understand
the scoring rules because he is too lazy ot actually read them.  Feels
too much like reading the manual for something.  And we all know that
would violate several "man laws" and subject the reader to endless
ridicule at cocktail parties and bar-be-cues.
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