Re: I cannot get my XP machine booted.

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Time: Sunday, 12-04-11, 2:29
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Peter Jason  typed:
> On Sat, 3 Dec 2011 19:15:47 -0600, "BillW50"  wrote:
>> I crossposted this to microsoft.public.windowsxp.general.
>> In,
>> Peter Jason  typed:
>>> I have an old XP SP3 machine with a 945P Series(MS-7176)v1 x ATX
>>> Mainboard, and a Pentium D processor.
>>> Its only HDD is a Seagate Sata ST3500630SV   500GB
>>> It has been working OK since 2006 and all that has been done was to
>>> replace the motherboard CMOS 3.0V battery.
>>> Recently I took out the HDD and installed this on our new Windows 7
>>> machine just to transfer certain files and downloads from it onto
>>> the new system.
>>> But now when I replace the HDD back into the old XP machine, and
>>> plug in all the Sata plugs and cables, it will not boot at all.
>>> All I get is the motherboard splash logo screen.   What can be
>>> wrong?  I can't even get the BIOS setup!
>>> Please help, desperate.
>>> Peter
>> Can't even get into the BIOS setup? Wow! If you disconnect the drive,
>> now can you? I have lots of questions to ask, but the BIOS setup has
>> to work first before anything else can work.
> I put the HDD back.
> I am going to replace the CMOS 3V button battery Panasonic CR2032

Most computers with a weak or dead CMOS battery automatically pops in
the BIOS setup. So I am not expecting much to happen if you change the
battery. But some (I never seen one, but I heard they exists) that if
the CMOS battery is dead, the computer won't do anything.

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