Re: I cannot get my XP machine booted.

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Time: Sunday, 12-04-11, 3:19
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complaint properly
In message , Paul 
>BillW50 wrote:
>> In,
>> Peter Jason  typed:
>>> On Sat, 3 Dec 2011 19:15:47 -0600, "BillW50"  wrote:
>>>> I crossposted this to microsoft.public.windowsxp.general.
>>>> In,
>>>> Peter Jason  typed:
>>>>> But now when I replace the HDD back into the old XP machine, and
>>>>> plug in all the Sata plugs and cables, it will not boot at all.
>>>>> All I get is the motherboard splash logo screen.   What can be
>>>>> wrong?  I can't even get the BIOS setup!
>It's too bad the logo is enabled. I always enter the BIOS (while the
>computer is working of course) and disable such logos. My motherboards
>have a setting for that. When you change out the BIOS battery, if the
>settings get lost, the default is "logo enabled", which sucks. If the
>logo is not presented, the text underneath gives hints about what is
>failing. Because of that, I think the logo is a dumb idea. It adds no value.

It _might_ be possible to turn off the logo/splash screen when it is
there: on my desktop machine, it comes up, but I can dismiss it (as I do
to see if the slightly-flaky hard drive has been seen) by pressing tab.
The splash screen actually has "press tab to ...", or similar words, in
its graphic though. Yours _may_ have a similar escape. (Try tab, escape,
enter, all the F keys, ... every key on the keyboard, I don't _think_
you've got anything to lose!)
>Standard practice, is to power down, and inspect all cables and cards,
>to see if they're seated. To give an example, the other day I installed

Don't forget the RAM modules. I've known them work (invisibly, i. e. you
can't _see_ they're not making contact) loose. And they can well cause
boot problems. (In fact try removing all but one, provided the PC will
work with one, as most these days will, at least as far as BIOS boot.)

Do you get any beeps, by the way?
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