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Time: Monday, 12-05-11, 10:30
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On 12/5/2011 9:48 AM, Novel8 wrote:
> I seem to be having a hard time entering a url in my Firefox and
> AOL ...either nothing comes up, or it is taking a long time to appear.
> When I eventually am on the site and click on the back button , after
> a while i get this message " Database turned off...'' never had that
> happen and do not know what to do..any clues?
"in AOL" as in an AOL application/"browser" you are using to log into a
dial up AOL account?
Are you using a dial up AOL node or accessing AOL through a "bring your
own access" account?
Is this error message a pop-up or a "page" appearing in the data pane of
the browser/AOL application window? If a pop-up, is there any indication
in the pop-up's title bar that it's generated by Firefox or the AOL
browser (which might be using an IE code library)? If it's a browser
page, is there a three digit error number? Is there any mention of a
Domain Name Server (DNS)?
When the page takes a long time to load are you watching for activity on
your modem's status lights or the task bar's notification area network
status icon?
Which Operating System (OS) version are you using (including service
pack)? Which browser (Firefox, AOL and IE) versions are you using?
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